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Anyone living n Sussex???

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fattiejojo Tue 03-Jun-03 09:28:53

I have met a lot of mums to be on other web pages by asking this question so thought I'd give it a shot here!!! I live in brighton, due Oct 4th, as previous message (anyone due oct?)!!
Would love to swap notes with anyone in the local area.
Joanne and bump xxx

SoupDragon Tue 03-Jun-03 10:26:33

There are, I think, a lot of Mumsnetters in the Brighton area. You just need to wait for one of them to spot this!

fattiejojo Tue 03-Jun-03 11:06:53

Really? Cool, thanks!!!

SoupDragon Tue 03-Jun-03 11:11:35

Here you go! A Brighton Mumsnet meet up in July!

MABS Tue 03-Jun-03 11:50:42

I'm in Brighton, do come to our meet up in July. I have a 2 yr old and an 8 yr old. Welcome

fattiejojo Tue 03-Jun-03 13:29:54

Great!!! When, where???? :-)

fattiejojo Tue 03-Jun-03 13:38:53

Great!!! When, where???? :-)

fattiejojo Tue 03-Jun-03 13:40:18

ooops, sorry only read last message down. have now seen one before and snooped at the other thread. will keep an eye on it. at only 22 weeks pg, 27th july seems miles and miles away....

willum Thu 05-Jun-03 13:54:02

Hi, I live in the area too (Burgess Hill). Only lived here since Dec, but every one seems really friendly and there is so much to do childwise. I have a 17month old son and am 10+ weeks pg. Try to find out about the local parents network called WAM, it's families from all the surrounding areas that do get togethers during the day and sometimes at night/weekend. They also have a babysitting circle! If you have a car and are interested in antenatal swim class's they do them at the triangle lesuire centre. I went to the last Brighton meet which was great, so I'll be at the next.

fattiejojo Fri 06-Jun-03 11:57:47

I would have liked the swimming idea but a) i don't drive, and b) i can't bring myself to try a swimming costume on let alone be seen in public in one, lol!! you know i really don't know why women like having big boobs so much, i've gone froma c to an e cup and hate it!!!

Tortington Tue 10-Jun-03 20:41:34

heeeeeeeelloooooo fattiejojo
i live near worthing. would be lovely to hear from you - mail me anytime on
i dont have any babies - mine are a bit older 10 & 13, but if ever your a bit fed up we could have a coffee, and i often work in brighton as part of my job.

speak soon

Tortington Tue 10-Jun-03 20:42:00

or even if your not fed up - obviously!

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