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Aquanatal and other pregnancy classes

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stressheaderic Mon 16-Nov-09 12:00:18

Spent all yesterday in vain trying to track down via the Internet any classes at all that I could attend in the evening during my pregnancy.

I'm particularly interested in Aquanatal, but in the whole county, and a bit beyond, I was surprised to find that there are only 3 classes running, all on weekday mornings, but I work so can't attend. I start my mat leave on 29th Jan, so potentially (fingers crossed) could attend 4 sessions before my due date - would this be too late? Do they even allow you in the pool that late on?

There is literally nothing else going on. I found a couple of Yoga classes which were not specifically for pregnancy but 'could be beneficial for pregnant women' which I'm not sure about.

Disappointingly, there was a Bumps to Birth group running at the Surestart centre 2 mins walk from my house, but I assume the funding must have run out as it finishes in December (again on wekday mornings).

To be quite honest, I was expecting more? I will be going to the hospital Antenatal classes with my partner, there are only 4 sessions, but I fancied something just for me, bit of gentle exercise - but, well, to be blunt, I wanted to make some other pregnant mates! We are newish to the area and although I'm 29, I don't actually know that many people who are having/have children.

What are other people's experiences? Or could anyone shamelessly point me in the direction of anything in the Merseyside area?

PootleTheFlump Mon 16-Nov-09 12:35:50

Hi Stresshead, don't despair, lots of these things aren't advertised on the web.

Aquanatal is worth going to, even for one session, I didn't start until my mat leave but have loved going (and you can always swim and bob about in the evenings). It is worth contacting your sure start centre to find out what they know - they often know of things in the local area, as will your midwives (mine recommended a pregnancy pilates class). Also, the NCT often runs bumps & babies groups that you could pop along to and tap into other's experiences there. It might be worth emailing your local branch try here.

If you have a natural or alternative health centre near you, they will probably know of a suitable yoga class.

Good luck.

angfirsttimer Mon 16-Nov-09 12:41:42

Most local sports and leisure centres have something for pregnant women the ones at my local one are in the evening.

Also I have started a physio based course through they are in the evening and nationwide I think, have a look at their website.

PootleTheFlump Mon 16-Nov-09 12:42:52

Also, found this

stressheaderic Mon 16-Nov-09 13:19:38

I knew I could rely on mumsnet! I was obviously looking in the wrong places....

angfirsttimer - The fitbacksandbumps looks fantastic, I'd never heard of that one, but unfortunately there are no courses in the North West for me I bet you will get a lot out of that.

The Yoga looks great and would fit in with my working hours...I'm not due to give birth at the Womens though (Whiston for me), but I'm sure they don't mind?

Re NCT... I was just never sure about it, had this idea in my head it would be much posher women than me, and sort of thought 'bugger that I'd rather spend the £220odd on my new baby' and then I went and changed my mind and now I'm too late! Also, the classes weren't actually very local to me (St Helens) so they idea of making local friends was sort of defeated?!

heth1980 Mon 16-Nov-09 13:31:18

most leisure centres in my area run aquanatal classes and have an evening class (I'm in Birmingham) so it's definitely worth phoning your local pool to see. I'm also sure that the NCT would have a mum and baby group in your area too.......I used to go to one that was for mums and babies up to 1 year (including pregnant women). Hope you find something X

BlueChampagne Mon 16-Nov-09 13:40:08

You could also try the Birthlight website - hope you find something you like that's convenient.

stressheaderic Mon 16-Nov-09 13:42:35

Thanks heth1980 - wouldn't you know it though, my local nearby pool has just closed down for a £3 million re-build, due to open end of next year! Oh well, at least we'll have a nice new building for my baby to attend while he/she's growing up - very fond memories of my dad taking us swimming on Sat mornings and letting us have a treat out of the vending machines for the walk home <looks all wistful...>

Gaeilge Sat 07-Oct-17 18:07:05


I'm looking for aquanatal or pregnancy yoga/pilates classes near W9 London any recommendations?
Thank you.

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