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Is it possible to get a good scan image later in pregnancy?

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VanillaIce Thu 12-Nov-09 13:46:52

It's my birthday next week and my DP has suggested we have a private scan done as a treat so we can have another peek inside the bump before the big day. I'll be 29 weeks by then - has anyone had a decent scan at this stage of pregnancy? Will I get a good image or is baby too big to be seen clearly now?

corblimeymadam Thu 12-Nov-09 13:49:28

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corblimeymadam Thu 12-Nov-09 13:51:01

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Bleatblurt Thu 12-Nov-09 13:53:25

I've just checked my scan pics and I have some 26 weeks ones. TBH they are ok for 'normal' scan pics but nothing worth paying for iykwim. I had a 3d scan and the pics from that are amazing.

mommymeggie Thu 12-Nov-09 14:39:29

I had the 4d scans at 33wks and it was awesome! We saw the face and the whole body. They are private and arn't cheap but well worth it. And it was def reassuring that our baby was ok. I would def recommend it.

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