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cervical ectropion - brown mucous is ok right??

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fairywing Thu 12-Nov-09 11:30:45

I'm 36 weeks pregnant and last week had an episode of bright red followed by brown followed by mucousy bleeding. I went to hospital and was examined and they said they could see an ectropion - which i think is also called an erosion - on my cervix and that it was bleeding. They then diagnosed a UTI and said that had probably caused the ectropion to bleed. Was monitored for 24 hours all fine. Since leaving i have had a few times where there has been lots of jelly like mucousy discharge when i wipe, sometimes clear and sometimes brown tinges or bits in it. I also ache a little very low down kind of across my pubic bone and it's slightly tender to touch. I assume this is caused by the baby starting to engage as its started at the same time as increased back aches and pelvis ache. I'm seeing the midwife again tomorrow for usual check up so will mention then but just wanted to reassure myself that i don't need to go running back to the hospital every 5 mins. They said that any fresh bleeding they needed to know even though in all likelyhood it will just be the same thing. But brown blood is old blood right?? what about the mucous is that normal with an ectropian??

butterscotch Thu 12-Nov-09 13:19:15

It could be your muscus plug has gone? I would speak to your midwife as they will know the full details of your UTI etc...I'm 15 weeks and have a UTI horrid the pain in my stomach and back has been bad for 4 days now been on anti-b's for 3 dayssad if it is another UTI or the same one it needs to be treated....

fairywing Thu 12-Nov-09 16:59:10

Ok thanks will speak to midwife in the morning

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