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Pregnancy in first cycle after ERPC

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BiscuitStuffer Thu 12-Nov-09 07:59:47

Has anyone got pregnant the first cycle after an ERPC? I know they say to wait but other than to make it easier with dates etc, I can't see any other reason to wait. Has anyone done this and had a successful pregnancy or has it ended in another miscarriage?

I am also a bit worried to see so many threads about people having lots of MCs for no apparent reason even after they have had DCs sad.

just1moreplease Thu 12-Nov-09 09:02:37

hi biscuitstuffer i have asked this question myself after my 1st erpc. you get so many different opinions!

some people say that after erpc it can take a while for the womb lining to thicken up again, making it harder for implantation to happen. although when i had my 2nd erpc i was told by cons this is not necessarily the case.

the main thing is that you do what is best for yourself.

i had my last mc in sept and the waiting to try again is killing me! i have resolved to hold off until i have had some tests done.

i have had 2 dc from prev marriage and since trying again with new dp i have had 4 mc. so yes recurrent mc does happen when you already have dc.

but the fact is you are more than likely goin to get pg and and stay pg again very soon.

EldonAve Thu 12-Nov-09 09:06:59

I was told by the docs that there was no need or reason to wait

CMOTdibbler Thu 12-Nov-09 09:07:05

I conceived DS in the weeks following an ERPC - my second ERPC and third mc. The rec mc consultant said that as long as your mc hadn't been late or complex it would make no difference at all whether you waited until after a period

gizmo Thu 12-Nov-09 09:24:43

I didn't have an ERPC, but a natural miscarriage and am now 8 weeks pregnant, having conceived within 2 weeks of the miscarriage finishing.

And this is not the first time this has happened - DS2 was conceived to a similar pattern.

TBH, there are pros and cons: it's not quite so easy to date (or at least, it's not so easy to convince midwives/doctors of dates even when you know full well exactly what has happened) and in my case, this is by far the most exhausting and draining of all my pregnancies (although that might be because I'm 39 now, not 32). I have effectively been pregnant since the beginning of August, with a brief gap, and I'm still nowhere near the end of the first trimester! That's draining.

On the plus side, having DS2 was a very effective emotional closure for me after the first miscarriage, and there is a school of thought that conception is easier after a miscarriage because your cervix is still slightly open.

As for the MCs after you've had DC, yes, sadly, having had a successful pregnancy is no protection against subsequent MCs. If you ask around your friends with children I'm sure you'll find a shockingly large number have had MCs and many will come after the first child. Each one is sad, of course, but they are still the minority of pregnancies - if you get pregnant again you are much more likely to carry to term than to have another miscarriage.

BiscuitStuffer Thu 12-Nov-09 09:53:30

Thank you so much for your replies - they are very encouraging and it's good to know that there really is no need to wait from a body point of view. I too am 39 and I guess the sooner we crack on, the sooner we'll get there. I guess my eggs are getting old. I have 2 DCs - nearly 3 and 15 months and would LOVE one more.

RubyLove1 Thu 12-Nov-09 11:32:50

Im the same as gizmo had a nautral mc so cant comment on ERPC but got pg probably the week after my mc, so minus the small gap I have been pregnant since April and Im due in March shock so can hardly remember a time this year that I wasnt up the duff! This is my first baby as well so pregnancy really has been a rollercoaster of an experience!!

I found it isnt that difficult to date unless you do it before your 12 week scan. They will just guestimate until you have what they think is your 12wk scan and find out from there.

The only problem I had was worrying I was gonna mc again, but you'd be surprised how many people have healthy pregnancies/babies straight after a miscarriage.

I would just say go for it if thats what you want, which it sounds like it is.

Good luck and have fun wink


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