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sugar/glucose test

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sharon137 Wed 11-Nov-09 23:13:46

I just have a quick question - I had a visit with my GP yesterday - just the monthly check-up, weight, blood pressure, urine test, check baby's heartbeat and position etc - and she said everything was fine, but she told me to book in for a sugar test at 28 weeks, so in two weeks time. She said it was to test for gestational diabetes. My blood pressure was fine, and so was my urine test, so I was just wondering, does everyone do this? I thought you only had to if there was sugar detected, or high blood pressure etc?

Teapot13 Thu 12-Nov-09 00:29:30

My consultant ordered one for me as a matter of course. They are standard in the United States as well. I would have thought they're standard on the NHS too. I think there are two types of this test. The one I had, which I understand they do first, you have to measure out and drink a dose of Lucozade (sp?) a certain time before your appointment when they take the blood. If that test is fine, you're done. If that test shows something is off, or is inconclusive, they give you a more involved test where you have to fast ahead of time, spend a much longer time at the clinic, etc.

Unless you were told otherwise, I would assume they're just giving you the quick test as a standard precaution. I had never tried Lucozade and it was kind of tasty!

sharon137 Thu 12-Nov-09 00:39:12

Thanks Teapot. I thought that might be the case, but you know how these things gnaw at you... I am in Australia, and was told that the sugray drink I will be given used to be so revolting that pregnant women used to vomit when they drank it, so now it has been given a lemon flavour... Hmm, lovely! They said I take that and return after an hour for the blood test, so sounds the same as what you had.

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