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Normal for your third pregnancy to be more painful?

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FoxtrotOscar Wed 11-Nov-09 21:35:01

Seem to be sailing through the pregnancy, I'm 18 weeks, had no morning sickness and felt better than I have done for my other two.

But I'm having painful braxton hicks already, never had painful ones with the other two and seem to have a lot of lower abdominal pain, tonight it's in my hips too.

I just seem to have lots of niggly pains!

Is it normal for a third pregnancy?

serge Wed 11-Nov-09 22:29:06

hey, i am 33 weeks with my 4th pregnancy.
i suffered with really painful braxton hicks from 17 weeks until 28 weeks, (only with this pregnancy) i had a show at 26 weeks, which meant that i needed to go to hospital for a check over.
the dr and midwife explained that the more children you have the more painful your braxtons will be and you are more likely to get them earlier.
my show was down to the contractions i was getting, but as i was not dialating i was given the ok and sent home. since week 28 i have had no more braxtons, no more pain or discomfort and to be honest never felt better.
i guess it was my brain telling my body "here we go again" ?? and tried to prepare itself early??
so i guess it is normal, the midwifes have never been fazed at my story, and i have paid privately for scans to make sure all is ok, and baby is doing just fine.
i know people who suffered with early, braxton hicks who have gone on to have fast, easy labours, a week or so earlier than expected, so fingers crossed eh? good luck with the rest of your pregnancy, i hope i have answered your question well....

ThePhantomPlopper Thu 12-Nov-09 19:50:22

the pain spreading to the hips sounds like round ligament pain, nothing to worry about, painful though.

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