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can clearblue conception indictor be affected by multivitamin pregnancy tablets

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myjewel Wed 11-Nov-09 14:27:51

Hi, i am 5weeks and 3days preg, due to my previous history of miscarriage/preg of unkown destination) it took a preg test on the 4th of nov which was positive however the conception calculator said i was 1-2 weeks preg i.e 3-4 weeks, then on the 6th of november it said 2-3wksi.e 4-5, whcih was ok however i seemed to be losing my preg symotms so i tested again on the 10-11-09 and it said 1-2weeks around 12.30pm , then at 5pm it said again 2-3wks, at which time i was in the hospitak panicking, i have a scan next wk tueday and a repect bhcg test to do but i took the test again 11-11-09 at 2.00am and it said i was 1-2wks while at 12.30 it said i was 2-3wks again, what i am wondering is if the mutlivitamin pregnancy tablets interfers with the conception indicator or it is just a waste of my money cuase they cost a fortune am just paraniod and very scared and i have to wait till next week for a scan to confirm all is well. anyone experienced this?

Ashandsash Wed 11-Nov-09 15:04:25

Hi please don't get stressed! I did exactly the same thing last week.
Due to previous miscarriage I have been taking the test once a week to make sure the number of weeks was going up as the pregnancy progresses... Anyway, I only get 'expected' results when my urine is most concentrated i.e. have not urinated for at least 4 hours and not drunk much in that time. Did you do that?
Also even if you did I have read on many sites that the conception indicator is not fully reliable so try not to lose sleep over this (easier said than done I know!)

laurawantsababy Wed 11-Nov-09 15:09:04

I wouldnt worry too much. I dont think they are very accurate once you go over 5 weeks because the level of HCG is so high. They are supposed to be used best when its still lower and it can detect how much is there.

Have you been your Gp yet about getting an early scan after your previous problems? If not a scan maybe they can check your HCG levels over a couple of days just to make sure they are rising.

Congratulations and good luck smile

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