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Friday is the day

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Boblina Wed 11-Nov-09 14:15:18

Hi all, I cannot believe that the day of number 2 is finally getting close. I am having a c section on Friday as the doctors think that the baby is small (but well) and well think it's time he or she makes an appearance into this world. I would be 40 weeks on Saturday so all a bit strange as DS was 33 weeks. It's going to feel so strange leaving him tomorrow evening to go to the hospital. I hope he is not going to be too jelous of his little bother or sister. He is going to stay with his GP tomorrow night and then come and see me on Friday once the baby is born. I am excited but a little worried about the op even if DS was ECS. I know that I am being silly, but still. I thought that I might have VBAC but as bump does not want to come out... Cannot wait to meet the little one. I have a present for DS but should I do anything else to help him prepare or even after? xxx

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