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Health and Safety Advice - Please Help!

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xfingerscrossedx Tue 10-Nov-09 19:27:28

Hi all

I'm a secondary school teacher and 28 weeks pregnant and our department was fumigated for fleas last night (nice). However, it was not until 5:00 today that we were told by a cleaner that we were not to touch the carpet without gloves or two days. Whilst I have not exactly been on my hands and knees, I know I've picked things up off the carpet today. I'm severely pissed off with work for not letting me know about this! I sent a crappy email to everyone in the world about it this afternoon, but no response! Has anyone got any ideas about the risks of this?

Picante Tue 10-Nov-09 19:30:23

I really wouldn't worry. Things like paint fumes and chemicals are only dangerous if you work in those kinds of environments all the time. I remember panicking when I was pregnant when I filled up the car with petrol and smelled the petrol fumes. Looking back obviously that was daft.

I'd be far more annoyed with the cleaner!

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