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swine flu vaccine in 4 hours - help

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sausagesupper Mon 09-Nov-09 10:36:50

Sorry to be pita, just got off phone to gp surgery, who rang out of the blue offering me swine flu vaccine today at 2pm. I asked if they have any info etc and was given short shrift and told to look on the internet which has not reassured me at all.
So far as i can see these are the main points:
-if i get swine flu i am at much higher risk of becoming seriously ill cos i am pregnant.
-other women in other countries have been safely taking similar flu jabs in pregnancy for years
-according the government, it is safe.

but there is no way of knowing the effects on my unborn child from this vaccine
this is the part I can't get to grips with, I was told not to take anything during pregnancy as it will be passed on to the baby, so why am i supposed to be having this vaccine???????????

Please help!!!

first1 Mon 09-Nov-09 10:59:47

Ah short time to decide!! Well if it helps I've literally just come back from my GP to ask advice about it. And he fully recommends it. (I'd trust him with my life) He said he'd tell his own wife to have it ifshe was pregnant. Its made in the same way as the normal flu jab which is also safe in pregnancy. Midwife also told me the risks of complications to us if we didnt have the vaccine are at least 4times more than anyone else. If you do decide to have it, please put on here how it went! Mine's on the 23rd!

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