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So nervous about appt with Consultant tomorrow

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SasD Sun 08-Nov-09 20:52:40

I am 29 wks pregnant with baby no.2 and have an appointment with my consultant tomorrow morning which they booked me in for at my 12 week scan/appt. Basically I developed Pre eclampsia at 38 wks with my son and had a failed induction that ended up with an emergency C section when baby got stuck at 8cm. Basically, I was totally unprepared for the whole thing and felt such a failure (stupid I know). I then had post natal depression for a while afterwards.

Now, I cannot face the thought of going through all of this again just to end up with an emergency section. It petrifies me.

I would really prefer to have a planned section this time. It hasn't been an easy decision but I am scared stiff they will say no.

Am I being totally selfish or has anyone else been in a similar situation? Any advice would be greatly appreciated x

bb99 Sun 08-Nov-09 21:01:56


I thought that if you had had a previous c-section,you could demand ask for a planned c section. My friend did earlier this year, she had an emergency c section with her first and asked for a planned one for her second, although I guess it could vary from health authority to health authority.

They did tell her it could limit the no of children she could have as they said they wouldn't want to do more than 3 c sections, so no more than 1 more pg for her IYSWIM, as it could be an additional risk - more pgs plus more c sections = more scaring and associated risks.

Ask for a planned c section if that's what you want and good luck tomorrow.

Remeber to write down any questions you have about anything before you go and you can always ask for a cpy of your notes, so you don't forget anything smile

Good Luck tom xx

bb99 Sun 08-Nov-09 21:03:02

sorry - remember and COPY of notes, obviously.

SasD Sun 08-Nov-09 21:10:32

Thanks for the reply bb99.

Section rates are quite high at the hospital I'm booked in with but I think it is something they are looking at as the midwife at the 12 wk scan was trying to convince me that a VBAC would be advised.

I suppose all I can do is explain my fears and ask and hope for the best xx

LackaDAISYcal Sun 08-Nov-09 21:11:25

I had a planned section after an emergency section with DS1.

I discussed the option of having a natural delivery and the pros and cons of the section, but it was essentially my choice whether or not to go for the planned section.

I did subsequently have a natural delivery with DC3, but in hindsight I should have at least attempted it with No2. I don't regret having the planned section though, and it certainly isn't selfish, especially if there were mental health issues after your first baby tied in with having had the section in the first place.

I would say go in with an open mind though. If you don't develop pre-eclampsia this time around and you go into labour naturally, then you have every chance of a natural delivery.

And as an aside, I hired a doula with DC3 to help me achieve the natural delivery and quite honestly would not have achieved it without her support.

MumNWLondon Sun 08-Nov-09 22:07:15

If you have had a section previously you medically can't be induced, so no risk at all of the previous experience being repeated.

Pre-eclampsia much more likely in first pregnancy, so keep open mind about VBAC, if you went into labour naturally could be a lot less traumatic than coping even with planned section.

As they can't induce you, if you did need to have the baby early it would be a planned C-section.

whensmydayoff Mon 09-Nov-09 08:19:21

I had an emergency section first time too and am now 32 weeks PG with no.2.
I am opposite to you but didn't go through the trauma you suffered. My section happened in early stages of labour as I started to bleed heavily due to a part of the placenta covering the OS.
I really want a VBAC because I had placenta previa and a c-sect, this means im at higher risk of associated problems with scarring so they recommend only 2 PG for me if I have another section sad.
That scared me stiff, I wasn't sleeping for months and I was depressed.
How do I know how im going to feel in a few years, what if I long for another baby I can't have?
This makes the VBAC essential to me.
I am in middle of hypnobirthing classes.
Try to find a registered hypnotherapist (if your interested of course) who does hypnobirthing for a living. It will make you understand birth in clearer ways, what happens in hospitals with interventions that are not necessarily needed (like inducing you), why you wouldn't progress after 8cm. More importantly - it takes the fear out of child birth through learning to breath, relax and understanding your body, what's going on with you, the baby, and how hospitals work. How basically fear stops birth physically.
Ask for your planned section now so it's there if you need it but try the hypnobirthing and see how you feel after it. You may thank your lucky stars you discovered it and it will help you understand your last birth and how it couldn't possibly be YOUR fault. x

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