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Anyone from Colchester & Chelmsford area?

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Enthusia Fri 17-Jun-05 16:22:36


My DH has just taken a job up in this area and although we lived nearby before (Haverhill) we don't know much about these exact areas. We think we will move to around Colchester, Chelmsford, Witham area as DH's company has businesses in all these areas and a central office in Witham.

I am now 19 weeks pg with our first baby and would really like some advice about these areas, such as good and bad areas, good and bad hospitals, schools, antenatal care - living there with a baby etc.

Any information would be gladly welcomed.

ninah Fri 17-Jun-05 16:31:46

I am in Colchester, so is Jessicasmum, Almostanangel is nearby, there is a meetup thread on meetups which lists quite a lot of us.
Had ds in Colchester General, no complaints.

ninah Fri 17-Jun-05 16:35:24

by the way I read your other thread I think you are doing a great job, hope your dh's new job means a better quality of life and more time together

Enthusia Fri 17-Jun-05 16:54:35

Thank you Ninah

Much appreciated!

Mog Fri 17-Jun-05 21:24:29

Only just seen this, but Colchester is generally very supportive of home births (had one no problems with my third).

eidsvold Sat 18-Jun-05 10:06:10

My dh used to work in both Chelmsford and then his work moved to Witham. We lived in the village of Danbury - loved it - close to chelsmford but dh could zip up the a12 to Witham - took him about 15 minutes. St Johns is a fab hospital and where I would have had dd2 had we stayed. Danbury had fab schools - rather a village like atmosphere despite being so close to Chelmsford. My HV in danbury was absolutely amazing.

Dd1 had various health issues and St Johns staff were fabulous - can't say anything bad about them....

When she was 1 I went back to work and we sent her to Seymour House Nursery in Chelmsford - again they were amazing. Dd1 has down syndrome and they were not phase din the least by caring for her and were so keen to have her attend. There was a lot of tears when we left a year ago to move to Australia.

Where we livedin Danbury - I could walk to the park, shops, we could walk over the hill to a fab pub for lunch or just a couple of drinks, walk to Danbury lakes for a walk and to feed the ducks.

We did look at a few other areas - we thought about Little Waltham also - have friends who live there - out on the other side of Chelsmford.

I would pop along to Maldon to do our shopping at the Tesco and we would take dd1 for walks along the river, through the park etc there also.

We went to the mother and toddler group at Danbury Mission ( also where the baby clinic is) - on a Thursday morning - again fabulous mums - made you feel very welcome.

sorry I am raving but we really enjoyed living in Danbury and were a little sad to leave.


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