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Early Pregnancy

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horseshoe Fri 17-Jun-05 16:03:43

I dont know about anyone else but if your like me, I revel in sickness and the like in early pregnancy as I know that all is well and I am actually pregnant.

But does anyone else find that symptoms come and go??

Some days My boobs are sore to touch, im sick, bloated, tired, Nasty tastes, constipated(TMI) The lot

Other days like today, I can quite happily slip on my jeans without fear or bloating pain. Boobs normal, stomach greesy foods and feel I could actually stay up past nine o'clock

Bloody hormones

ChaCha Fri 17-Jun-05 16:08:23

Hiya Horshoe,

Yup, symptoms still coming and going. Some days i can do a full day's work (that includes travelling), come home, cook, clean and whatever else needs doing - then there's days like today where i'm a little sick, sore everything, can't be bothered to clean, cook or do absolutely anything (except of course sit at PC) and crash out at every given opportunity!!!
Great eh?

firstbabyandnervous Fri 17-Jun-05 16:40:33

Know the feeling.Im 18+5 and have been fine for the last week but I just feel so sick and tired today.Ah pregnancy bliss!

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