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My anterior Plancenta drives me mad!!!!!!

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Dee2009 Sat 07-Nov-09 15:46:49

Hi all, I am 27+4wks and have an anterior placenta, and am being driven mad!!
Weds Afternoon i ended up going in to maternity ward to put my mind at rest as i only felt bump a few times which was unusual! All thankfully was ok, and i felt a bit silly as hes started kicking loads when the tracer was put on him!!! Today the same is happening felt himm a few times but not as much as yesterday, I have now got one of those home dopplers and hve heard his heart beat, and that sounds ok! am also sure i have felt a bum/head pushing against one side! Normally if i don't feel kicks i feel a squishy feeling when he turns! But heard him turn on doppler but not felt it!?? I am a bit of a worrier but this drives me mad as i know he's probabley hiding behind my placenta again (mw says this can happen!!)They say i should go into Mat ward if i'm ever worried but at this rate it would be every other day!!

Just wondered if anyone is going through similar or has any advice???

rubyslippers Sat 07-Nov-09 15:59:29

i had anterior placenta with both DC and their kicks were muffled at first but later on i certainly felt them (3rd trimester)

as long as you are feeling movement which is usual for you, then all should be well

if you have heard the HB this should also be reassuring for you

Dee2009 Sat 07-Nov-09 16:42:12

Thanks Ruby, have felt him a few more times since i first posted. It is unusual for me to feel so little but whenever i have a scan they comment on how active he is and i never feel him at the time!!
I wonder if he is maybe having a growth spurt??

belgo Sat 07-Nov-09 16:46:07

Please don't use the home doppler instead of seeking professional advice - see here - it is a very sad story.

With all of my three pregnancies I had an anterior placenta, but I felt loads of kicking with all babies. But some babies just kick more then others - you will learn what is normal for your baby.

Champagneforlunch Sat 07-Nov-09 17:04:24

Dd2 was like this, I think I went back and forward to the hospital about five or six times. I was never made to feel I was doing anything other than the right thing, in fact got a lecture from a midwife for not going once.
Everytime we went we could hear her move but I never felt anything.

Dee2009 Sat 07-Nov-09 18:22:29

Thanks all for advice, I spoke to MW who is happy that i have felt enough movement for today as he could be lying with his back against placenta, and would then feel even less!! Was told to count HB and was 140bpm, they want me to get back in touch 2moz if i'm still not happy!!

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