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Clomid - What would you do?

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Kitchens Sat 07-Nov-09 08:11:07

We have a son who is 6. We have been TTC for child number 2 for 4 years. I have had 3 miscarriages. One before son. 2 after.

I was prescribed clomid about 2 years ago but without realising it I was already pregnant. Had m/c. Got pregnant again the next month. Had m/c. Been ttc ever since and have been to see a private doctor to discuss IUI. He suggested a course of IUI and then progesterone pessaries if pregnancy happens. Have been using ovulation sticks and I have not ovulated for about 3 months.

The quesion is. We are not in the position of affording IUI at the moment. I have a 3 month supply of clomid (which is was prescribed to me 2 years ago and is still in date by 1 year). Do I take it and then go back to the fertility clinic and just get the progesterone pessaries privately? Which the doctor said I could do if I got pregnant naturally (but technically this would not be natural). I will have to tell him I've taken the clomid to get pregnant won't I?

Can GP's prescribe progesterone pessaries. Could I just go back to my GP instead of clinic?

Anyone been in similar situation?

I need to take the first clomid tablet tommorrow so all help appreciated.


sunburntats Sat 07-Nov-09 08:40:12

Hmm, you are very similar to me.

I would have discussed this with GP tbh.

As the clomid is in date, why dont you leave it this month, go and ee your GP and discuss with them re taking the 3 months worth of the drug.
If you need more reassurance, go and see the fertility chappy/lady.

Its the first time i have seen any one on here who has had the same problems as me. so thansk for posting this.

How have you copes with your mcs? Have you had the progesterone levels checked day 21 and all that carry on? what have your progesterone levels been?

sunburntats Sat 07-Nov-09 08:45:58

sorry about spelling, half an eye on my 6 year old firing things all over the living room while typing!!
We have been trying for about 2 years now as well, i had 2 mcs before ds then have had 2 mcs in last 2 years.
Progesterone levels were 11 on day 21 so they suggested clomid.
Due to start it in January.

I am now pregnant...naturaly with no charting no pressure, it just happened. Cant belive it tbh.
I think i am about 6 weeks, have no idea as i have taken no notice of any dates for about 3 months since my last mc.

Going for a scan next week.
True to form...i was feeling "funny" dis a test, wandered off confient it would be negative...they always are. Did some housework, went back and BFP!
next day bleeding started as usual...but then stopped.
so here i am, in limbo, not knowing but because i always mc, just waiting for the signs of that to come.

Its very hard isnt it.

OneBabyPlease Sat 07-Nov-09 18:08:06

Hey Kitchens - I've also been ttc for 4 years, had 2 m/c then nothing for ages so a blood test showed I wasn't ovulating - was prescribed Clomid. Got pg then had another m/c so went back on the Clomid again. In the meantime tests for recurrent m/c showed I've got Factor V Leiden (blood clotting disorder which can increase m/c) - I'm now 8 wks pg and am having daily heparin injections, twice daily progesterone pessaries and 75mg aspirin.
It's up to you what you do tomorrow but the Clomid was prescribed for you, you don't seem to be ovulating on your own, it's all in date & nothing much is happening without it - if I were you I'd just take it & make an appt with the GP to discuss what happens next (maybe ask for a referral to an NHS fertility consultant-mine's been great).
Totally feel for you (this is all quite stressful!). You can get prescribed progesterone pessaries but my consultant prescibed them for me originally & I have to obtain further prescriptions for it from my GP - I don't know if a GP would give them to you without the say so of a consultant (but as the consultant's recommended you have them I can't see it being an issue).
Whether you take the Clomid tomorrow or not I'd def get an appt with a Dr & discuss where you go from here (have they done any tests to find out if there's a reason for your m/c - they usually do this after 3 m/c?).
Good luck with it all! x

Kitchens Sun 08-Nov-09 08:36:56

Thanks for your replies.

Still not sure what to do. I think I am just aware that the fertility clinic we will need to go back to, to get the progesterone pessaries may get a bit funny about me 'self diagnosing' the fact that I have not been ovulating. I have been using ovulation sticks every day ... and nothing. But they might see it as being unprofessional to treat someone who has been treating themselves (or am I thinking about this too much!!!)

When we originally went for our initial consultation I was ovulating as my progesterone levels were normal. So at the time the consultant didn't see the need for clomid.

By the way for couple of years now I have been taking 75mg asprin for the recurrant miscarriages at the recommendation of the consultant But I also just wanted to check that it is ok to take along side clomid. I've not had any tests done yet as although I have had 3 m/c's they were now 3 in a row!

Kitchens Sun 08-Nov-09 08:43:26

Sunburntats are you going to go back to your GP to see if you can get to see a consultant to discuss your recurrent miscarriages? Once you've had a scan you may be reassured but you should also insist that you see someone too.

Oh and i'm 39 so time on NHS is running out fast - 9 months and I will be 40 and so after that we would not be considered for any kind of treatment that would be free.

OneBabyPlease Sun 08-Nov-09 14:00:43

Even more reason to take the Clomid! It was given to you so I don't think anyone could blame you for taking it, especially if your clocks ticking & you can't afford private treatment. I'm sure the clinic would sympathise - explain that you've taken it out of desperation as you feel that time's going on & nothing's progressing for you.
I would just take it personally - you're not gonna get pg if you're not ovulating so bugger what everyone else thinks! They aren't gonna give you a ticking off for taking stuff you've been prescribed, I'm sure.
Good luck Kitchens

OneBabyPlease Sun 08-Nov-09 14:02:23

PS I was told to take 75mg aspirin from when I became pg, but go with your Dr's advice.

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