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mummybear1104 Fri 06-Nov-09 21:39:15

1st trimester nothing, actually i havent been suffering from IBS as much as i used to in my teenage years. 2nd trimester it has came back with avengeous, had it yesterday, last sunday and can even feel it starting again just now, the thought of the pain about to come actually scares me half to death because it reminds me of what labour is gonna be like except longer, at least the bulk of the pain in IBS is maybe half hour tops but all that cramping and shaking, its terrifyin to be honest, when i feel it starting i take a fibre drink to relieve the constipation and go straight to the diarroeah (sorry folks) but it kinda hurry's things up rather than sittin straining for ages just to end up with sore butt cheeks and possibly piles. this must be the worse thing, i really cant enjoy my 2nd trimester, is this because i didnt have to suffer any morning sickness, well that sucks - i had the nausea for goodness sake, lol plus thought i was supposed to be blooming, av got spots and ma hair is shit, to top it off, im peely wally, cant even bleach my moustache - i really dont wanna be seen in public at all, i think im just gonna wish this pregnancy over, dont think i want to try enjoy it, just want baba bear here already, im sure it will be worth it ;)

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