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how can you tell if baby is still breech or transverse

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jlo1234 Fri 06-Nov-09 18:04:57

im 32 weeks, i had an appointment with my midwife this morning and she couldnt tell which way the baby was lying, at all my other checkups the baby has been transverse, with feet on my left, or breech.

im convinced the baby is lying transverse as i can feel movements at each side - mostly on my left but a bit on my right occasionaly and sometimes both at the same time, as if the baby is stretching and pushing his feet on my left and head against my right.

does anybody know how to tell which way the baby is lying, and what will happen if she cant feel where he is next time?

PortoTreasonandPlot Fri 06-Nov-09 18:14:30

How do you mean what happens next? You have a while to go yet so anything could happen. My dd was transverse at 37 weeks but turned head down the day of my planned cs at 39 weeks. They sent me home again.

I really wouldn't worry just yet.

dingledangle Fri 06-Nov-09 18:15:56

My second child was breech and I remember for the last three months of my pregnancy feeling a hard lump up under my ribs. In hindsight he turned at Christmas (i can remember him turning as I experience quite a lot of discomfort). The tightness up under my ribcage I mentioned to my Midwives and each time we put it down to braxton hicks. However in hindsight it was his head.

As this was my second pregnancy I also noted that the movements were different, almost down between my legs. I put this down to a different baby but again in hindsight it was his arms and fists I could feel.

The fact he was breech went undiagnosed and as I had had my first child at home I was in labour at home for the second birth. It was only when his testicles and bottom presented that I was transferred and he was delivered naturally by the hospital midwife.

The main 'symptom' for me was that his head was up under my ribcage and it was very hard and uncomfortable. I was told following his delivery that had they detected he was breech it was quite likely I would have been 'encouraged' to have a c-section. (They may have tried to turn him, however, having felt him turn three months before he was born I would have refused as it was quite uncomfortable!!)

Best of luck. Look on google and arm yourself with the options would be my suggestion. I was seen by several midwives and none of them detected he was breech. Midwifery is far from an excat science!!! I would also say that he/she has time to get in the right position!!

Good luck

Mcdreamy Fri 06-Nov-09 18:20:51

My DH diagnosed my DD1 as a breech baby. He went away to on detatchment for 3 months and when he came back he said the head (that the midwife had said was a bottom) was def under my rib cage. Next appt with midwife confirmed it after a top and bottom scan. They tried to turn her but she was stuck. DD2 was also breech at 32 weeks but turned one night at about 36 weeks. You have ages yet.

My movements felt very deep inside IYKWIM. With DD1 I could never see my tummy move but with DS and DD2 it looked like I had an alien inside me!

carrielou2007 Fri 06-Nov-09 20:33:17

Ooh, same here, transverse the whole time so far and yesterday at midwife she said breech and started talking about c sections again - I chose to ignore her again saying there's plenty of time. I can just tell where the head is and it swings round from my right hand side, goes up under my boob.

I'm of the opinion that if he doesn't turn (dd was oblique ad did whilst I was in labout and I was a very peculiar shape as she did!!) it is for a reason,each to their own but there is no way I want anyone to try to turn him but that is just my choice. Crossing fingers and toes that I don't have to have a c section with a toddler in the house and I am on my own so no help!!

jlo1234 Fri 06-Nov-09 21:28:20

same here CARRIELOU i dont really want to have a section but i suppose if i have to then i have to! there is still plenty of time so lets keep our fingers crossed that our babies turn xxx

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