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mummyjade Fri 06-Nov-09 11:22:08

I had my 12 week scan last week and the sonographer noticed that my baby had a nuchal transluency sac measuring 4mm which can be a sign of Downs. We left feeling numb and heartbroken. We had an appointment with a consultant 5 days later who scanned me again and looked at our baby in great detail. She couldnt find any problems. She also said that from looking at the former scan she measured the sac at 3.5mm which is just top end of average and she also told us that the baby had been upside down which is not the best time to measure the sac?!?! Down to my age (30) and her scan she said that she gives us a 3.5-5% chance of our baby having Downs. But we feel that we can not relax and because we already have 2 children I need to prepare myself or put my mind at rest so have opted to have an amniocentesis next week. I am feeling completely freaked out by it all and just wondered if anybody could offer me any peace of mind about this test. Thanks

Bucharest Fri 06-Nov-09 11:25:03

Sorry that you're worried...

I had an amnio because I was nearly 38 when dd was born....the doc inserts a needle through your abdomen and withdraws amniotic fluid. It's not nice. It hurts like feck if I'm honest, but it hurts only very briefly. (there was a similar thread earlier this week, some people didn't hurt at all) Results back in about a week.

IMO, it's better to know what you're facing, that was why I opted to have one.

Hope it goes OK for you. smile

flybynight Fri 06-Nov-09 14:48:41

I had an amnio with DC3 at 26 weeks (someone has "forgotten to tell me" that I was high risk)and I found it more distressing than painful. I couldn't stop crying. I didn't have a problem with the actual procedure though. It was all over very quickly. I had one set of results (the Downs one) back in 48 hrs and waited 10 days for the rest.

And I totally agree with Bucharest, it is better to know and know for sure. I didn't need one this time, but I wouldn't have hesitated had my odds been different.

Best of luck.

Jacksmama Fri 06-Nov-09 15:07:12

Hi sweetie. (((((*HUG*))))) first (I don't care if it's un-MN, you need it.)
I had a similar situation to you although I was a bit older when I was pregnant with Jackbaby (38). We had a nuchal translucency scan which was completely fine but then had the quad screen blood test which gave a dodgy result so had to have an amnio to know for sure. I was 16-17 weeks at the time.
The actual procedure isn't too bad - I won't tell you it's nothing, because if you're anxious and upset you feel everything more. You'll be lying on your back, and there will be a sonographer who'll be scanning you so the doctor knows where to insert the needle. He or she will swab your belly, and then insert the needle so it goes to a pool of fluid. When the needle went in, I felt a "pinch" in my skin, not really like a needle jab, and then felt a sort of "pop" as the needle went all the way through. It was a bit disconcerting but objectively, not that bad. My belly muscles sort of cramped around the needle, but I can't say it was really painful. What was worse for me was that I was in such an emotional state that I was almost hyperventilating - so if you can keep reasonably calm, it's better for you. The entire procedure took probably two or three minutes, it really is very fast - but it's a long two or three minutes IYKWIM.

Afterwards, you'll need to rest for at least one full day. I didn't cramp at all, but I know some women do. I was told to take extra Calcium/Magnesium after to help my uterus relax, so I did.

Our specialist took pity on my nearly hysterical state and sent the sample off for the FISH test (fluorescent in-situ hybridization) which tests chromosomes 13, 18 and 21 - the Big Uglies in terms of problems. You can have results as quickly as 24 hours, but 48 hours is more usual. Ask for that!! Waiting ten days to have the entire karyotype analyzed would have done me in, I was bad enough over those 48 hours.

Let us know the date of your amnio and we'll hold your hand. You'll be fine.
Lots of love and more (((((((*HUGS*))))))))

Pingpong Fri 06-Nov-09 15:26:17

Hi mummyjade
sorry to hear you are stressing about the risk of Downs. I had an amnio about 6 weeks ago. How many weeks pregnant are you? I don't want to alarm you but I thought that it was recommended to be at least 16 weeks, preferably around 18 weeks before having this procedure although CVS can be done earlier.
I was very stressed about it all, not the actual procedure but the 'out of the blue' results. My triple test came back as 1:55 but the triple test is known to be pretty unreliable.
I'd say the procedure was uncomfortable but nothing more than that. It was a long needle but I looked away and held DH's hand. I got the first set of results in 48 hours and 2 weeks later got the full result and got the all clear.
I was told to take it easy for 48 hours - not bed rest but definitely no heavy lifting. I had a few twinges but didn't feel the need to take any pain relief but was told to expect period like cramps and to take paracetemol if I wanted to/needed to. I was also told the risk of mc is closer to 0.5% than 1% although the statistics are officially 1%. It makes a difference how experiened the consultant is, most hospitals have one or two (depending on the size) who are the designated ones so they keep up the skill - I had to travel to a hospital 40 miles away for mine as the consultant at my local hospital was away for 2 weeks.
I'd say the worst bit is waiting for the results but at least by having the amnio you will know for sure what you are facing.
Wishing you good luck.
oh and ARC are really good if you want to call their helpline - antenatal results and choices arc

mummyjade Sat 07-Nov-09 11:31:59

Thanks for your messages of support You can have an amnio from 15 weeks and I will be over that when I have mine (they changed my dates at my scan so I am further on than we thought)I could have had a CVS almost straight away but the chance of mc is slightly more at 1% so opted to wait abit. My appointment is Wed 11th. Although I am obviously not looking forward to having it done my main concern is putting my baby at risk...its freaking me out!! My hubby is taking time off so I can rest while he chases around after our boys. I have been told that I will get the initial results within 48 hrs. It has been the worst thing ever especially the waiting but hopefully it will be over soon x x

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