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Antibiotics in Pregnancy and/or labour. Scared stiff

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whensmydayoff Thu 05-Nov-09 21:46:10

Grrrr angry. Just done this huuuuge long thread explaining all my fears re antibiotics and why im scared to take them and It vanished!!!

Im so knackered and can't be bothered typing it all again so I will go down the short route!

Have you had a UTI in Pregnancy? Did you take antibiotics?

Was the baby ok? Thrush anyone?!

Have you had antibiotics during labour for Group B strep? Was it restrictive being hooked up to them? Were you and the baby ok and did you manage a natural birth this way?

I was busy taking all natural remedies for Group B strep to try and eradecate it before the birth and now I have been diagnosed with a UTI. 7 days worth of antibiotics. Chances of getting all my natural flora to fight GBS is nil now.

The antibiotics have sat there for 2 days now blush. Im drinking gallons of water and taking probiotic capsuals but im well aware UTI's can be dangerous in PG. They won't get the results of what type of infection until Tomorrow or Monday so they are broad spectrum antibiotics. 7 Bloody days. Im tempted to wit for results first.
Whats your thoughts, experience, advice please?

whensmydayoff Fri 06-Nov-09 00:18:43

Yes, I am a fanny.

The other thread Was there, slightly different heading. Ignore me. I have made so many mistakes on MN tonight. I need to calm down....get back to bed instead of sitting in dressing gown, in the dark, eating weetabix!!! Sad girl

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