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Urine Infection - scared to take antibiotics and scared of Group B Strep antibiotics

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whensmydayoff Thu 05-Nov-09 21:35:51


Im all over the place tonight.

Hard to explain all without writing War & Peace. Will try!!

I am being treated as High Risk due to my last PG & birth (emerg C sect).

I also showed as a Group B strep carrier during last labour.

They have decided I am High Risk, unsuitable for home birth mainly due to needing IV antbiotics during labour for 'possible' group b.

Obviously, during section they pump you full of antibiotics. Me and my DS were left with terrible thrush, him oral, me everywhere. Feeding was impossible. He had colic and reflux (can be due to upset flora due to antibiotics).

This time I am fine, the baby is fine and I so depreretly want a natural birth at home. Im in middle of hypnobirthing classes and it means so much to me.

I was doing everything to combat Group B naturally, taking probiotics, eating loads garlic, manuka honey etc then was going to demand they test me around 36 weeks and if negetive, stay at home (with or without their consentsmile)!

Only I have just been diagnosed with a urine infection sad. They have given me 7 days worth of antibiotics. They don't get the results of what type of urine infection until tom or Mon so I have to take these broad spectrum ones 'just incase'.

This will really give me next to no chance of eradecating GBS naturally as now every good bacteria in my body is about to be wiped out. Also, is gives them more reason just to assume Group B as UTI's are a pretty sure sign.

I haven't stopped crying. I so want this experience to be nothing like the last one for me and my baby. If im hooked up to an IV drip from early on, unable to walk and move freely, the labour is going to slow, stop or end in major intervention.

Have also googled the effects of antibiotics in preg and labour and not good at all.

Although there is a decrease in the number of New born GBS related infection, there has been no difference in the number of deaths caused by it.

There has been a sharp rise, however in E.coli in newborns who have received antibiotics as they then take on antibiotic resistent infections. This is as serious if not more than GBS.

BUT, UTI's can be very dangerous to the baby if left untreated too. I was given them yesterday, still don't know what to do. Drinking water by the gallons and taking probiotics.

Im soooooo uptight and worried and don't know what to do. Come and give me your experience, shout at me, whatever but im all consumed in fear of 'getting it wrong'.

smallorange Thu 05-Nov-09 21:50:12

Ok I can't address all your fears but I would urge you to take the antibiotics for GBS. I don't think you are hooked up continuously so you will be able to move during labour.

My DD1 was born by emcs with a group b strep infection ( meningitis.) fortunately they treated her so quickly she recovered fully and has no lasting ill effects (so far)

she was in sCBU for two weeks receiving 12 hourly antibiotics through a canula in her tiny hand. It hurt her when they administered the ABs and when they did the heel prick test every day.

It's not so much about whether you baby will get a serious ilness but more about what will happen if they even suspect the baby has a GBS infection. The treatment is stressful and painful for the baby not to mention how stressful it would be for you. Please take GBS seriously.

Sorry am typing on iPhone - can usually spell

nellie12 Thu 05-Nov-09 21:57:57

look all thats important is that you and the baby end up healthy.

Take the abs. uti untreated can cause premature labour - not something you want at this stage.

You dont know which bug it is yet. it may not be gbs.

If you take a spoonful of live yoghurt every day then it should help to keep the natural flora and fauna in check so you dont get thrush.

Hope its not as bad as you fear.

motomoto Thu 05-Nov-09 22:04:57

I had a premature labour with my first due to untreated uti

in my 2nd pregnancy I took antiobiotics when it was discovered I had a uti and had a term baby

ALSO, I had antibiotics in second labour for GBS and you are NOT hooked up to an IV, unable to move - you have a canula in, and receive the antibios every four hours (it takes hardly any time to go it, maybe 20 mins max iirc)

check out this website

motomoto Thu 05-Nov-09 22:06:36

you won't be advised to have a homebirth if you have GBS though

sh77 Thu 05-Nov-09 22:26:32

I really really feel you. Your priority is the health of your baby. The effects of abs are terrible but you will have the chance to hold your baby with the abs. I only had 19 hours with mine as she died from infection thought to be Strep B. Her deterioration was so rapid. I was not testted and showed no symptoms. I wish I did.

Just do everything possible to keep your immune system strong. Also I am sure your baby will be very closely monitored at birth (request a consultant paed be present shortly after birth).

Wish I could give you more advice. Lots of luck x

motomoto Thu 05-Nov-09 22:27:46

so sorry, sh77

kitkatwhizzpopbangouchqueen Thu 05-Nov-09 22:30:32

Hiya, I've had 1 labour without gbs antibiotics and 3 3 with. Honestly after dd1 was born it became a hellish nightmare of rushing her to hospital repeatedly because she kept getting raging temps, rashes that didnt blanche and at one point she had 3 peadiatricians (sp?) arguing over her whether to do a spinal tap or not.

My 1st labour was hell because I had no idea what to expect, and then I had a sick child to deal with. My subsequent 3 labours have been fabulous, I would have liked a home birth but preffered the safety in the knowledge I would have a healthy baby and had the back up in case something went wrong.

I have had very minimal interference from the hospital staff and I would do it the same way again,

Its entirely your call, I just couldn't go through the stress that I went through with dd1 again.

As for the UTI drink lots of cranberry juice it really does help.

good luck

kitkatwhizzpopbangouchqueen Thu 05-Nov-09 22:33:53

sorry sh77 really feel for you....

PotPourri Thu 05-Nov-09 22:37:31

I second the cranberry juice. And think you should take the antibiotics. It is more important that you and the baby are well than risking that for a perceived better birth. Hope you feel better soon - am in the same position so I really do sympathise

MumNWLondon Thu 05-Nov-09 23:17:01

Couple of things - I had urine infection at 39 weeks last time and I drank 2-3 litres of water each day with cranberry tablets for 3 days and managed to flush it out without need for antibiotics.

re: strep b - my sister tested positive for this in first labour - and after experience you describe in 2nd labour with the antibiotics she had a private swab test done at 37 weeks which showed her to be clear, and she had waterbirth with no antibiotics but they did test her DD right after birth and she was clear.

i am not sure what being a carrier means though, does that mean you can't get rid of it??

whensmydayoff Fri 06-Nov-09 00:14:34

ss77 I am so so sorry. Im surprised you were so kind to me too, I sound so bloody trivial and petty.

That has put everything into perspective for me. I won't be ignoring your advice. xx

I will get the cranberry tablets MumNWLondon and carry on the water until I get the correct antibiotics for this infection if I still have it. Obviously if I get any fever or backache or it seems to get worse I will take the ones I was given meantime.

I will also go with ss77 advice take the antibiotics in labour.

Thanks everyone.

thederkinsdame Fri 06-Nov-09 00:22:24

Agree, pls take the antibios in labour. GBS can have serious consequences for newborns. I have friends who were hooked up and delivered naturally with no problems or comlications. You will be fine, but do take them - they will protect your baby from unwanted complciations from GBS. Hope your UTI gets better and you have a smooth birth!

thesecondcocking Fri 06-Nov-09 00:32:37

my first child was born with a hole in her heart due to me having a group b strep virus during labour,i also developed a hole in mine during labour.We were both in hospital for 2 weeks after she was born and were both really ill,i was hallucinating when she was born and the whole thing was hideous.
All i wanted when pregnant with dd2 was the antibiotics to prevent the same thing happening to dd2.
there is no conspiracy theory to being prescribed antibiotics,put your trust in drs rather than fruit...
good luck

TeenyTinyToria Fri 06-Nov-09 00:42:09

I was given abs in labour as my waters had broken early - had a 3 hour natural labour with no need for any pain relief, and very little damage from the birth. 24 hour monitoring of dd, then we were off home. Please take the antibiotics.

roary Fri 06-Nov-09 11:29:15

Tiny tip: eat lots of natural yoghurt and take an acidiphilous tablet from the health food store (the ones stored in the fridge are best) before you have any antibiotics, it will help with the thrush enormously. They also stop your stomach from being so upset.

bethoo Fri 06-Nov-09 11:37:04

most abs for utis are forms of pencillin which do not harm the baby. no matter what you do if you are a carrier of GBS you will always be a carrier. i had to have IV in both my labours as it was found in my urine in my first pregnancy, even if you do not have it during labour if you are known to be a carrier isnt it better to be safe than sorry?
i am sorry for your loss ss77 xx.

sh77 Fri 06-Nov-09 13:07:44

You are all a lovely lot! Thanks for the kind words.

I don't think you are being trivial or petty and it is good that you posted as you had concerns.

I just hope everything works out fine for you. You might be lucky this time and have no nasty effects from the abs. Wish you and baby the best of luck.

My baby's temp was low and she wasn't feeding at all in the time I had her with me. I was told it was prefectly normal. Obviously, they were signs she wasn't well. Scream and shout the hospital down if you have even the slightest of concerns. She was my first and so I didn't know what to expect and what was normal or not.

whensmydayoff Fri 06-Nov-09 14:00:28

ss77 I am going to be a lot firmer this time.
How were you to know exactly what a new born should be looking like and how she should feed, your so right. They should have.

If I had known about the effects of GBS and that I had been a carrier, Id have been sure my DS was ill. He was very drowsy, didn't feed for 6 days, jaundice, small, 3 weeks early and just poorly on hind sight.
Now bearing in mind they had had results back that I was a GBS carrier, that my waters had broken 11 hours before the emerg c section, he was 3 weeks early, you'd think they would have tested and monitered him but no. Someone just slipped the results into my notes and didn't let anyone know. The midwife came across it accidentally when discharging me. It just shows you how easily it could have happened to anyone. I hope, and im sure you do, you know that and don't blame yourself in any way as us mums tend to do over everything!

You say she was your first, did you go on to have more children? Not that it takes away from what happened at all but just curious as to how your other birth(s) went after that?

sh77 Fri 06-Nov-09 14:15:58

Wow I am shocked they just slipped your results in and never made a noise about it. Did you confront them? I am glad your baby is fine.

Well, after my daughter died, I was despertae to get pregnant again. I found out 10 weeks ago that I was pregnant again. Sadly, I am having a missed miscarriage now. Lightning certainly struck twice for me this year. Feeling pretty hopeless and devastated. I am not contemplating having another child for a long time. If I never have another one, I can live with that because I held my first baby in my arms. She was alive albeit not for long.

whensmydayoff Fri 06-Nov-09 17:16:25

ss77 I have nothing to say that will help I know but im so upset to hear that. Im so sorry.
The two are not connected though and there's no reason why you can't have another baby. Easy for me to say but it would be such a shame for you to be scared off by two unrelated, albeit shattering incidents and feeling it will happen again.
Unfortunately miscarraige in the early weeks is so common but to happen to someone like yourself who has been through so much....I can see why you feel completely hopeless and devastated.

Next time you would be given antibiotics too so that what happened to your DD can't happen again.

Im sure everyone has given their stories but incase/hopefully it helps.
My mum had my brother then went on to loose a boy at 4 months PG and a girl at 6 months PG and in those days, explanation wasn't big! She 'thinks' it was placenta previa with the second and an OTT internal examination with the first. The doctor refused to believe she was PG !!??
She thought she'd give up but she tried once more and had me and she has always said she was relieved she didn't give up.
Lightening can strike twice but it doesn't mean your cursed forever.
I hope I haven't said anything stupid or insensitive or anything to upset you. I just feel strongly that you shouldn't believe it's just you or just your luck and not meant to be. Sending massive hugs and I really hope you will be ok in the longterm.xx

whensmydayoff Fri 06-Nov-09 17:19:30

To everyone else. Im so glad for all the sensible advice and I will definitely take the antibiotics.

Thanks again. x

belgo Fri 06-Nov-09 17:26:37

Whensmydayoff - you can still have a natural birth and have the antibiotics for group b strep. I did, in fact I had a home water birth because I found independent midwives who werewilling to administer the antibiotics to me at home.

I was not hooked up to the drip for the whole labour, in fact the antibiotic drip went through in about 10 minutes or even less. The drip was totally removed as soon as the antibiotics had gone through. It did not hinder me at all or cause me any pain. The only thing it did do was make me need the toilet without realising and it's not a good idea to give birth with a full bladder.

Even if you need the antibiotics in labour in hospital, there is no reason why it should be detrimental to your labour at all.

I haven't heard anything of the e-coli link, but you can only follow the most recent advice.

Please take the antibiotics for the UTI. UTIs during pregnancy are not really a good thing and they can be safely and effectively treated using antibiotics, drink plenty of water and rest. If you get thrush from the antibiotics it can be treated using canestan.

sh77 Fri 06-Nov-09 17:57:25

Your message was very thoughtful and wasn't offensive in any way. I know I will have a child someday but not now or even next year. There isn't a cell in my body that wants a baby any time soon. I don't believe I did anything wrong in either pregnancy but I am questioning my luck. Time to change direction in life, focus on other things, and start living again.

Just take those antibiotics and look forward to holding your baby. Wish you the best of luck. xx

whensmydayoff Fri 06-Nov-09 20:01:53

Thanks belgo, good to know. Where and how did you find these midwives?
Oh and don't worry, all the lovely girls on MN have talked sense into me, put my feet firmly back on the ground and I am now on antibiotics.

ss77 I see what you mean, just the near future to get over all the trauma. It would make sense as you've been through too much this year. I wish you all the best of luck.


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