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Hi I'm new and worried!

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diznom Thu 05-Nov-09 17:40:25

Hi I've been reading this forum for last few weeks since I found out I was pregnant and have found it really useful so thought I'd bore you all with my worries and see what you think.
I should be 6 weeks pregnant but have been spottng for last 5 days, just a small amount of brown, however on monday morning started bleeding bright red blood, rushed to doctor who prepared me for the worst and gave me an injection as I'm O- blood group. She told me to go home and rest. Had no bleeding since but still brown discharge when I wipe. Then today I noticed when I strained slightly to go to toilet I bled again. Only small amount but when I thought back to last time I bled it was after straining again.
I've had no clots and having only mild stomach cramps. However don't feel as pregnant as I did, breasts and stomach not as swollen and not as nauseous. Because of this I've been losing hope but doctor told me to go back in for a pregnancy test tomorrow, couldn't wait though and have just taken a digital one which says 3+ weeks. I know they can be innacurate but I took 2 before which read 1-2 and then2-3 weeks which would have been accurate at the time.
The test has given me a bit of hope but not sure how to think now, don't know whether to carry on taking it easy for a day or 2 or carry on with life and see what happens.
I know all pregnancies are different but would love to hear from anyone with similar experiences.
Many thanks x

Hello and welcome to mumsnet! you aren't boring us.

Obvioulsy I can't be sure but it sounds like you may have a cervical erosion, which (I think) is what I had at 6 weeks pregnant with my current baby. I started with pink discharge which turned to faint brown, then after a couple of days went red with small clots. I panicked, had a scan etc, baby fine. It continued for another three or so weeks, mostly brown discharge, with the occasional bit of red after going to the loo or overdoing things. It has now stopped and baby is fine.

Basically it's like your cervix is easily irritated, so you might bleed after sex, after a bowel movement etc. It's usually harmless. Perhaps you could have someone have a look at your cervix and tell you if it is that? hth

thisisyesterday Thu 05-Nov-09 17:49:10

it is very, very common to bleed at this stage in pregnancy, even bright red blood.
it is, i believe, something to do with implantation blood getting trapped and then releasing later on
i had it with all 3 of my pregnancies.

it's also possible to get very heavy bleedsfrom slight abruptions of the placenta, this can often fix itself but can be very scary.

i also think that those predictor pg tests become inaccurate after a while. 3+ weeks is fine, because you ARE more than 3 weeks

so, take the test again tomorrow and see how you could also ask GP to refer you to the early pregnancy unit (EPU) for a scan, he ought to do this as a amtter of course if he thinks you may have miscarried to make sure everything passed. so do ask about that

luciemule Thu 05-Nov-09 17:49:58

Hello diznom - sorry to hear you're so worried. If you rest a lot and stay positve hopefully the outcome will be positve. I know it's hard while you're waiting but keep lying down and resting.
I would wait now until you see GP tomorrow or you'll be more stressed. There isn't really anything you can do until morning.
I had similar bleeding to you with DD1 whilst I was on holiday and then again with DS. The first time, the midwife prepared me for the worst and made me rest (I was in scotland on holiday at the time) but whatever anyone tells you, it's hard until you know for certain one way or the other.

Sophieee Thu 05-Nov-09 17:53:31

hiya i know its a bit not this convisation but no one has commented on this.. and im getting a bit desperate.

in 2007 i had the implant but i was bleeding for about 3 weeks out of each month i had that for about a year and half, so decided to have it taken out, i then straight away from the day the implant way taken out went on the pill, i was on the pill for about 4months, then came off. Because my temper and sex drive were just ruined by it. So now for about 2years am not on any kind of conticeptive drug
Ive now been off the pill for about a month and a bit, But obv since being on some kind on conticeptive i have no idea when my period is due or anything.

Ive been having sex with my boyfriend with out a condom ( i know its very stupid) but before he ejaculates he does put one on, This is probs been happening for about a month and a bit now. And well still no period, ive been getting alot of belly pain and going to the toilet every hour or so, my breasts are quiet tender.
I got a pregnacy test today, but it says about taking it a few days before your period but i have no idea.

I know its alot to read but if anyone could get back to me it would really help, im very stuck at the moment! Thanks alot

diznom Thu 05-Nov-09 17:56:17

Thanks everyone, you've cheered me up a little
Its the not knowing that is so hard. Doctor said it is too soon for a scan but maybe if there no change next week I'll get one.
I'm off to look up cervical erosion now, have been spending hours trawling through internet but at least its keeping me rested.

thisisyesterday Thu 05-Nov-09 17:56:48

sohpiee, you might be better off starting a thread of your own to ask about it

thisisyesterday Thu 05-Nov-09 17:58:12

if you should be 6 weeks pregnant it certainly is not too early for a scan

i had a trans-vaginal scan with my first 2 children (this is where they insert a stick thing into the vagina to scan the uterus- thus getting a better picture)

they do this routinely to check dates for people so it can be done, ask again for a referral to EPU

diznom Thu 05-Nov-09 18:02:27

Hi Sophieee. Sorry not much help as my periods have been pretty regular so I knew straight away I was pregnant. I did get the same symptoms straight away but the were fairly similar to period symptoms just stronger.
If I was you I'd take a test and then another in a weeks time.
Good luck whatever happens x

diznom Thu 05-Nov-09 18:08:45

thisisyesterday - thanks I will definately ask tomorrow, part of the problem might be that we are very remote and the nearest maternity hospital is over 100 miles away. Not sure if local hospital has the facilities.
Not that I mind the travelling though, looking forward to a trip away and get some shopping done.

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