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mummylou85 Thu 05-Nov-09 14:03:21

Hi I have 4 year old daughter and I am single mum.... me and dds dad aint together but we got little carried away and had sex.. though we agree at time it was one off and we just see eahother as friends. we don't have feelings for eachother only as friends. less complicated too. we had unprotected sex but he put condom on before he come so I would of thought thats ok. this happened 23rd october. my last period was 31st sept. I don't feel sick but I feel crampy as if i'm going to come on but I haven't i'm pretty regular so I would expected my period halloween or a day or two after. I know I should get a test but i'm in denial.. i'm going to wait until this weekend is over and on monday get test. my whole family are going to be so mad at me as they hate my ex and I was going back to uni.. it's all a mess and worried how it will mess my friendship with my ex and what his family will think but deep down I do love babies and am little broody. i'm all confused and cant stop weeing and nipples are all funny but maybe i'm looking for signs. best thing to happen is af to come thats what I hope.. because 23rd october was so close to when af was due would thought i wouldnt be as fertile then.. oh i'm only 21 and confused xxx

corblimeymadam Thu 05-Nov-09 14:07:18

Message withdrawn

mummylou85 Thu 05-Nov-09 14:33:25

oh i know but so scared!!!!!!!!! but where is af x

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