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thought id miscarried!!!! (tmi)

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bitchyfanny Thu 05-Nov-09 11:00:38

hiya ladies, i just wanted to share my horrible experience.i had a mc at 7wks and a mmc at 10wks last year, im now 9wks pregnant, at 6 and a half wks i started spotting, i used mumsnet to find reassurance, but 10 mins after i lost lots of blood. we went to a&e where a scan was arranged for the next day, a hb was found, obviously we were very relieved. the bleeding continued, went to my gp who arranged another scan to find out what was causing the bleeding, to my amazement there was still a hb and the cause of the bleeding was subchronic, i was told i would still bleed but if i had pain to come straight to a&e. on sunday, 8+2, woke up and had a tummy ache, like a bad period pain, went to the loo and the blood was running from me, got to a&e, my husband said we waited 2hrs to see the triage nurse, by the time i was called i was scared to stand up incase i mc in front of the whole waiting room, i had very high blood pressure and was whisked into a side room to be examined, by then i was losing loads of blood & i needed the loo, i was given a commode, i sat down and felt everything come away from me, i dont exagerate but the bed pan was full of blood & 2 large "piles" of clots, my tummy ache stopped & my blood pressure went back to normal. i had an internal & the doctor was pulling clots from me & said i had mcd. i was admitted overnight & a scan arranged for the next day to make sure there was no remaining contents. i continued to lose clots through the night & next morning. i accepted id lost another bean & spent most of the night crying, i just wanted to go home. next morning we went for the scan, i hoped i was empty as i didnt want a d&c as well. i climbed on the bed for an internal scan, whoosh..whoosh..whoosh..whoosh, whats that noise i asked, thats your babys heartbeat, on the screen was our baby, how could that be, ive just had a miscarriage, shock was an understatement. i went home an hour later. im still bleeding, not a lot, im still very worried. im still expecting the worst, but hope we have a happy ending. i wanted to share this with you all & for you all to never give up hope. dianne

3l15a8eth Thu 05-Nov-09 12:03:30

wow Thats so amazing. Maybe it was twins. Good luck in the future

peppapighastakenovermylife Thu 05-Nov-09 12:12:23

That is amazing - I would echo twins? I hope you are ok - must have been very upsetting and shocking.

sh77 Thu 05-Nov-09 13:37:51

Wow amazing outcome! Hope that little heart keeps beating.

stephie101 Thu 05-Nov-09 13:52:59

I'm sending you so much luck and best wishes, I hope all goes

mamakoukla Thu 05-Nov-09 14:26:58

This is an unbelievable and beautiful story. It must have been heartrending but with a happy twist in the tale. Good luck and take it easy.

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