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1/2 stone weight gain in 1st 12 weeks

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Madigan Thu 05-Nov-09 10:08:13

Is this normal?
I should know, as I am on 3rd pregnancy - but the other times I have not weighed myself at all and have put on ridiculous amounts of weight when pregnant. This time I want to keep tabs on it, but is a 7lb weight gain in the first 12 weeks ok? Have definitely been eating more, as it helps with sickness and I am just a lot hungrier, eating far more carbs, and stopped gym ... but resuming exercise as of next week.
Any advice gratefully received.

moonsquirter Thu 05-Nov-09 11:55:24

Of course it's ok! I can put on half a stone just by a weekend of overindulging if I put my mind to it wink.

Pregnancy weight gain seems to be fairly random as to when in the 9 months it happens for different people but if you carry on at this average rate, that's only 1.5 stone overall. I put on 3 stone in my first pregnancy but lost it all within 3 months (no diet, just breastfeeding and lots of walking everywhere) so I don't think any amount is disastrous.

And if eating stops you feeling sick then definitely go for it. I'm currently living on crumpets and cheese sandwiches - I know it's fattening and not very healthy but it stops me throwing up at work so I do it!

Claire236 Thu 05-Nov-09 13:02:03

I'm currently 35 weeks with ds2 & found I put on quite a lot in the first 12 weeks with both pregnancies. Ignore anyone who tries to tell you what's normal as from talking to friends there is no such thing. Enjoy your pregnancy.

blondieminx Thu 05-Nov-09 14:06:02

they say that an average of 2 stone is perfectly normal over the course of the pregnancy don't they. I'm currently 30 weeks and have put on nearly that but as everyone keeps telling me I'm all bump I'm not going to stress about it!

I figure as long as you eat well/healthily then it's all good to help your baby grow normally etc and whilst preggers is NOT the time to be worrying about your weight grin as it's not as though you can do anything about it for a few months!!

GhoulsAreLoud Thu 05-Nov-09 14:07:59

Sounds ok to me.

I didn't put on any in the first trimester last time, but then piled on about 1.5 stone in the middle trimester, then another half a stone in the last.

Sounds like your weight gain is more slow and steady, which is probably better from a stretchmake point of view!

lucy101 Thu 05-Nov-09 14:15:45

I put on a a stone in the 1st trimester... think it has definitely slowed down but decided not to weigh myself but just try and eat reasonably sensibly... so half a stone sounds pretty good to me!

From reading all the posts about weight on here and how quickly/slowly different people gained and lost it it seems that there just is no 'normal' even from pregnancy to pregnancy.

pattymc Thu 05-Nov-09 14:56:40

hi I was worried as put on nearly stone in 1st trimester (only put on few pounds with 1st pregnancy) and panicked a bit as thought it meant I would be huge by 40 weeks but I am now 34 weeks and have put on another stone so think that's ok, if you are feeling queasy and you need to eat you are going to put on a bit more at the beginning no doubt and so i think you sound normal, definitely not too much. easy to say don't worry but I did. so I made conscious effort to get back to healthy eating when I felt better and do lots of walking - some might disagree and say you shouldn't worry about weight gain but I'm afraid I do and am a lot more relaxed and less stressed if I have some control over my body even when pregnant - I just make sure I'm eating loads of fruit, veg, nuts and seeds, porridge, good protein and lots of fatty fish - and the odd bottle of cider!

Madigan Thu 05-Nov-09 17:04:39

well feel more reassured now. With both my earlier pregnancies I just decided to eat what I felt like, which was normally chocolate cake. I put on enormous amounts of weight (nearly 4 stone, and 3 stone) - not good - so this time I really really want to keep it down to 2 stone. Not feeling so sick now so I am going to try just to eat healthily, like you PattyMC, and stop the stupid snacking on biscuits and cake. Also, need to resume my exercise .... I had just lost almost all my baby weight before getting pregnant this time ....... with a lot of bllod/sweat/tears, so want to make it a bit easier this time!

Tinasan Thu 05-Nov-09 21:16:11

sounds fine to me, I put on 1/2 stone in first 12 weeks with both my pregnancies - needed to eat carbs to stave off feeling sick! By the end I'd only put on 2 stone with both. Good luck with it all, would love to be on number 3 myself but don't feel I've recovered from number 2 just yet!

NowtonTelly Thu 05-Nov-09 21:18:19

Totally normal. I put on half a stone in the first 12 wks of both my pregnancies.Pput on 4 stone with DC1 and 2 stone with DC2, so the early weight gain didn't really mean anything - it was more what I put on towards the end (through sitting on my arse and eating too much!).

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