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weight gain - horrifying

(6 Posts)
sharon137 Thu 05-Nov-09 03:30:37

I am 24 +2 weeks pregnant, and have gained about 12 kilos. I have been reading a few of the weight gain threads here, and this seems to be much, much more than most people have gained at this stage. I started off a healthy weight, by no means skinny though, and I an 165cm, so pretty short too. My blood pressure is fine, I exercise, and I do genuinely eat healthily with the odd treat, but I am hungry often so do eat a lot.
Has anyone else gained this much? I don't want to gain over 20 kilos, but I don't want to (and probably couldn't if I tried) cut back on food etc or diet. I do feel pretty bloated, my bump is huge but my arms, face, bum, legs and hips are also getting massive.
My partner doesn't understand why I am concerned, my doc has mentioned when she weighed me last time (I have to get weighed at every appt, is dreadful) that I needed to keep an eye on it... I dont know what to do, I feel really bad about myself, and it is ruining what is otherwise a joyful time.

EldonAve Thu 05-Nov-09 07:06:19

NHS info

Are you in the UK, they dont normally weigh you at every appt
What was your BMI to start with

Broccopolli Thu 05-Nov-09 07:44:33

I gained about 25kg with both pregnancies. I'm the same height as you. BP was also fine throughout and I had no other complications. The doctor that I saw the first time also weighed me every appt and made me feel bad about how much I'd gained. Second time the doctor didn't weigh me once - I actually asked her to at one point as wanted to see how I was going. So I guess it depends who's looking after you.

I was still about 8kg heavier when I fell pregnant the second time than I was before dc, but I hadn't really made much effort to lose the weight. DD2 is only 3 weeks old but I'm planning to make more effort to get back to my pre DC weight.

I know a few people who stacked it on in pregnancy. You're definitely not alone. Just enjoy having a healthy pregnancy and try not to worry. smile

sharon137 Fri 06-Nov-09 01:03:36

Thanks for this. I guess I just read the recommended weight gain guides and think, my GOD, I am there already still with acouple of months to go! My BMI was 23 before getting pregnant, and I am in Australia, where I think it is quite common for them to weight you at every visit. I wish they didn't!
It is nice to know that some people are in the same boat... I guess all I can really do is keep eating good foods, moving around a lot, and try not to worry - easier said than done though, sometimes!

anonymous85 Fri 06-Nov-09 01:51:41

I got weighed at the dr's around 14 weeks and put on 10kgs, Im now 19 weeks and I know I've put on more. I'm not going to stress myself about it, when I first saw how much I gain I was like shock but I don't want to stress myself about eating this and that with what I eat, I feel comfortable right now. I can look it later, I gained 20 with DD and lost 14, will just get stuck into the diet and exercise later after bub. If I feel like something I eat it. I do eat a lot of breads at home too. Like you showing a lot and getting fluidy feet face and hands too but not too bad, just mainly if I've been sitting a lot, or walking a lot or if it's hot.

June2009 Fri 06-Nov-09 08:39:26

I think it depends a lot on what type of person you are pre-pregnancy.

I had weight problems a few years back but got really nice and healthy for around 5 years, training every day and being generally very healthy with what I ate.
When I got pregnant though to my horror I had to stop training because of SPD and put on around 25 kilos.
I lost 15 shortly after birth (within 6-8 weeks) but 4-5 kilos back on as I still could not train after a c-section that got infected twice.

Only now 4 and half months after the birth can I start thinking about training again (mentally and physically) but with a newborn I hardly have time to shower nevermind go out running for half an hour everyday (especially now that it's dark.)

But I also think most people just loose the weight, a lot of the people on my thread are back in their pre-pregnancy clothes, and the RL mums I met are also all back in their clothes.

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