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Was this ok to eat?

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anonymous85 Wed 04-Nov-09 23:25:26

I'm 19 weeks preggo, I made this for a quick dinner Recipe

And it was cooking it and it would not set. I cooked it in the end for arond 50 mins and at a hotter tempreature and was still a bit soggy. I then realised what I had done wrong, because I was making two lots I doubled the recipe, I put in 10 eggs (instead of 12 which was required) and at the time for some reason I thought I added 14 eggs (like I added a extra 2) And to make up for the extra two eggs I thought I had put in I added a 4 and a half cups of milk instead of just the 4.

So it explains why it was a little soggy, extra milk and less eggs.

Just wondering if it was ok for me to have eaten it?? With it being soggy? It cooked longer than the required duration. The eggs would have been right huh?? It tasted good! Was thinking was a bit soggy also cause I added a little extra cheese and was a bit oily.

AnyFuleKno Wed 04-Nov-09 23:35:20

Runny eggs aren't recommended in pregnancy. But lots of us still ate them (I know I did). I'm sure you'll be fine. After all, salmonella is a rare enough occurence that outbreaks are reported in the news, so you're fairly likely to be safe.

anonymous85 Wed 04-Nov-09 23:52:30

Thanks, I did cook it extra long too, should be right I think, think it wasthe extra milk and less eggs that made it so soft, eggs must of been cooked by then!

Tangle Thu 05-Nov-09 09:39:57

Unless it was hugely thick (so made in a big deep casserole that was full), I can't see how it couldn't have been cooked after 50 minutes in the oven - and then you should have noticed it set round the edges and soggy in the middle. If it was consistently soggy all the way through then I'd definitely go for the "too much liquid" explanation and not fret.

Hope it tasted nice - I might have to try it wink

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