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one jab or two/swine flu question

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jumblies Wed 04-Nov-09 17:47:45


I just went to get my swine flu jab as am in the last trimester of pregnancy and had come to the conclusion that I'd better have it.

Anyway I thought that they gave you two jabs with an interval in between for full immunity.
However the doctor said I only needed one as this is deemed enough.

Anyone had just the one jab?

lucy101 Wed 04-Nov-09 17:51:22

I had just one jab - but I am in Dublin at the moment.

I posted today on the long swine flu thread with a link to the Indy saying that pregnant women only needed one... but then I read someone else's post which included a link to the Dept. of Health info. for nurses etc. and that said you needed 2...

I think the advice is changing towards giving one does though... but I could be wrong. I certainly felt happier just taking one dose (Celvapan in my case which is what I felt happiest about taking in any case).

jumblies Wed 04-Nov-09 20:15:15

I think my vaccine was the pandemrix one though hmm

I think I will phone the surgery tomorrow to find out what version I got given...can't believe I forgot to ask.

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