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Getting baby to turn?

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blondieminx Wed 04-Nov-09 14:19:01

Has anyone got any top tips for making babies turn?

Currently 30 weeks - baby is currently in footling breech position and showing no signs whatsoever of turning the right way - was breech till about 26 weeks then turned footling breech. Eek.

So far I have:

* taken up antenatal yoga (been doing this for 5 weeks)
* sat on my physio ball pretty much every night
* cleaned the skirting boards
* sent lots of "turn baby turn" thoughts to my bump wink

I have always (since before being PG) slept on my left side.

Any other ideas or old wives tales that have worked for anyone else out there?

Naetha Wed 04-Nov-09 14:23:31

Still plenty of time for turning yet - mine turned at 34 weeks without too much difficulty. Bizarrely, it happened after a rather vigorous bout of sex, so I guess just stay fairly active and get on your hands and knees a lot

stilletoe Wed 04-Nov-09 14:48:30

The ball thing worked for me,I was 35 weeks and she turned breech right at the last minute. I was so upset at the thought of having a C-section and was advised to sit on the big gym ball thing. I sat on it for about 4 days, very upright, not slouching, with my hands resting on my knees and legs apart it was so uncomfortable, but it worked, she turned back again.

I suppose the next thing for you nearer the time if baby does not turn, is for them to try to turn baby, but like Naetha say's you still have time, so don't panick.

luciemule Wed 04-Nov-09 14:50:23

When you sit on b.ball, rotate your pelvis in small circles gently.
Also, whenever resting/sleeping, try to lie on your left side as much as possible.

blondieminx Wed 04-Nov-09 14:53:34

thanks ladies - keep em coming. It says in my pregnancy boks (can't remember if it was Queen Charlotte's or the Miriam Stoppard one) that 90% of babies are head down by 28 weeks.

the last vigourous bout of sex set off hours worth of BH contractions unfortunately Naetha!

reikizen Wed 04-Nov-09 15:03:06

Yes, not time to panic yet as plenty of time to turn unaided. Moxibustion has a good track record as your due date gets closer. I think between 34-36 weeks is the date they recommend but may be worth researching so you can find yourself someone reputable.

ohmeohmy Wed 04-Nov-09 15:50:26

check and lunges apparently

FlightofFancy Wed 04-Nov-09 16:25:22

I spoke to midwife about this yesterday, as my little joy and delight is transverse at the mo. Apparently they take no notice of position at all until 32 weeks at earliest, as until 32-34 there's plenty of time to change. So plenty of time yet!

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