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Eight weeks pregnant, stopped feeling sick, line fainter

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Antiquarian Wed 04-Nov-09 09:28:18

Hello, can anyone give me some hope or does this look really bad? I have suddenly stopped feeling sick, at eight weeks pregnant. This morning I was so worried that I did two tests (internet cheapies) and although there is a line, it is now not as strong as the control line (whereas a week ago it easily was). I'm really worried, I've made an appointment at the doctor tomorrow but to be honest he's rubbish. Do you think I can get an early scan, and is all lost? How soon would you start to lose pregnancy hormones if you were having a missed miscarriage? I had a early miscarriage last month so dreading the same thing happening again.

biggernow Wed 04-Nov-09 10:06:47

hey you. you should call your early pregnancy unit- same happened to me- and I was bleeding too- but scan showed there was a bean there and i am now 38 weeks. i only felt sick on and off anyway by the way. I had had a chemical/early miscarriage the month before so was so scared.

i can't promise you anything but you should look up the local EPU and say you NEED reassurance/ to know- mine were amazing- I saw them 4 times in first 12 weeks and they were so supportive- I was terrified the entire time.

You could also go and get a First Response or a Clear blue digital? They would be accurate at 8 weeks.

Anyway- most important thing is to get some help and don't wait. I know how you feel and am sending you a very big hug. Good luck.

LillaB Wed 04-Nov-09 10:07:31

I am in the same position but only 7 weeks. I havnet felt sick at all this pregnancy. I have 2 daughters bt subsequently have had 3 miscarriages. We just hvae to hope with each day. I am going to arrange an early scan. Good luck.

Antiquarian Wed 04-Nov-09 10:10:41

Thanks so much for responding biggernow, and congratulations. Yes, I had a chemical pregnancy too, so I'm doubly paranoid now. Do those tests tell you up to eight weeks? I just thought that they stopped at anything over 3+ weeks, but that sounds like a good idea. I will try and find out about the EPU - the surgery said I would have to get a referral from the doctor first. Hmmmm.

Gymandbareit Wed 04-Nov-09 10:11:03

This happened to me after I had a miscarriage. I stopped feeling sick for about 2 weeks and was convinced it had gone wrong but then the sickness came back at about 10 weeks. I'm now 28 weeks.

The dr wouldn't give me an early scan, but that would be reassuring if you could arrange one. Good luck.

Antiquarian Wed 04-Nov-09 10:11:18

Thanks too Lillab, cross-posted. And good luck!

Antiquarian Wed 04-Nov-09 10:13:37

Thanks gymandbareit and congratulations to you too! Interesting that your doctor wouldn't arrange a scan, I'll see what he says tomorrow, I really want one but also don't want to know if you know what I mean. It's ridiculous really as we have a massive work event this evening, and I was dreading feeling really ill for it, and now I'm desperate to feel sick again.

BarackObamasTransitVan Wed 04-Nov-09 10:21:43

I'm not convinced that HPTs could give that accurate a measure of how PG you are. They measure the concentration of HCG in your urine at the time you take the test - so of course if your urine is more dilute (say you're doing the test later in the day, or you've had more to drink, or you've been weeing lots that day - hardly unusual if you're PG) then the line will be fainter.

I suspect that the digital ones may actually be the work of the devil - they're prolly OK if you do one to give you an idea, but any more once you've had a BFP is putting yourself through unnecessary worry.

FWIW one of the nurses I spoke to at the EPU cursed them - and the super early ones, too. Oh and OPKs. because they all convince women that they know when they conceived when quite frankly they can't possibly be that accurate (implantation times vary for example, and sperm can live for up to 7 days and so on).

Anyhoo - rant over! Get yourself to the EPU. There's more info here btw.

Take it easy

Antiquarian Wed 04-Nov-09 10:27:20

Thanks again to everyone. I think there is hope that I will get a scan. But the doctor I am seeing tomorrow is the same one who told me not to get pregnant for three months after my miscarriage. I ignored him of course! Fingers crossed though.

willitbe Wed 04-Nov-09 10:55:59

Antiquarian - just to let you know that your pregnancy tests do get lighter after about 8 weeks.... there or there abouts, the hcg levels affect the way the test works. It is possible to get a negative test at 10 weeks and still all be well!!!!!! So try not to worry about the test getting lighter at this stage. Symptoms also come and go, so that is no indicator either. Really your only way of knowing if all is ok at the moment is for a scan (even they are not 100% at this stage as you will see from numerous threads)
If they scan you and see a baby with heartbeat at roughly the right size, then all is good, otherwise they can tell you nothing, not seeing h/b or wrong size at this stage it can be due to sonographer error.

So in reality I guess your gut instinct is the way to decide what to do.

I have had 4 early miscarriages in the last 12 months, and now pregnant again. I am constantly thinking that it is all over. But with the last m/c, I instinctively knew it was over, and just got bHGC blood tests to show the hcg levels going down. But GP's are not allowed to do hcg levels, and most hospitals are reluctant to do it. I refused a scan as I could not bear to see yet another disappearing pregnancy sac.

So I really hope that all is well with your pregnancy and that you get your doc to refer you for a scan (if not why not go to a walkin Early Pregnancy Unit, some do not require referrals. That way you might get the reassurance you need.

Pregnancy following miscarriage is very hard, there are plenty of people who can handhold with you here.

willitbe Wed 04-Nov-09 11:38:42

Sorry I am not sure I made my last message very clear, pregnancy tests can get lighter from 8 weeks, but not everyone has this. HCG levels normally reach a peak at around 12 weeks when the placenta is fully formed. But this can vary by a couple of weeks. So lighter/darker tests mean nothing at this stage. But also some pregnancy tests reach a kind of saturation point where they show negative when they are not. Most women get positive tests throughout pregnancy and for a few weeks after giving birth, but you can't use hpts to see if hcg levels are rising or falling.

But having said that I am as guilty as anyone else for doing multiple hpt's to see if the line is getting darker or lighter. I was given information by the EPU's to explain why this is not a good idea, but choose to ignore it!!!!!!!

I am not sure I have made myself any clearer here!!!!! Oh preggo brain.

BarackObamasTransitVan Wed 04-Nov-09 11:51:08

willitbe you made perfect sense imo!
I think the thing with doing repeat HPTs to check your HCG levels are rising is that you're unlikely to be comparing like with like. I look at it as conducting an experiment; you're basically not able to control all the variables (fluid intake, time of day etc) as well as you should and so therefore you cannot ensure proper scientific repeatability. It even mentions in the CB Digital instructions that repeating the test is not reliable. The only reason to do a repeat test is if your first is a BFN.

Antiquarian Wed 04-Nov-09 11:51:20

Hello willitbe, that made perfect sense and thank you! I'm so sorry about your miscarriages, and very very good luck with this pregnancy.

heliotrope Wed 04-Nov-09 14:17:04

I don't think you have much to worry about although I totally understand the panic after a previous early mc, I am the same. With the sickness I have good and bad days and so you could be having a good day or maybe your sick period is over! That would be nice. Unless you have any bleeding I don't think there is much sign of anything going wrong, but hopefully your Doc or EPU will see you if you tell them you are worried, Good luck
Eight weeks on Friday too!

sh77 Wed 04-Nov-09 14:27:48

Thought I would share my experience with you. Last wed night, I had brown discharge and went to EPU in the morning (didn't need to make appointment). Baby measured 5-6 weeks and no hearbeat visible. I am sure I am 9 weeks. I was told to go back on the 9th for follow-up scan. I have had slight start-stop bleeding and some mild cramps. On Monday, went to have HCG test and having 2nd HCG later on today. I requested it myself.

My nausea and sickness has eased off a lot since first bleed but then my bloating has become worse and noticing more pain in my boobs.

I really hope everything is fine with you. If you are very worried, insist on a scan. Ask them to check if your cervix is open. I forgot to ask.

worriedbuthopeful Wed 29-Jun-16 10:14:31

This is my first time posting on here. I am almost 8 weeks pregnant. I started bleeding and had stomach cramps at 6.5 weeks, went to the doctors and they checked my cervix and scanned me - all was well, and we saw the little 'peanut' in the scan and heard its heartbeat. The doctor confirmed I should expect to bleed for another day or two due to blood in my uterus which he could see in the scan. I then went on to bleed fairly heavily for 4 days, but stopped the day before my first meeting with my midwife. When I went to see her, she was nice, and very re-assuring that if the bleeding has stopped all is well, and I think I got carried away with her positivity and didnt really portray strong enough how worried I am that I may no longer be pregnant. I took 2 tests this morning to check I am still pregnant (different brands), and first was negative, second was a fairly faint positive. Could 4 days of bleeding have been a miscarriage?? Waiting for mid wife to return my call.

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