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What to take for baby.

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jomummy2 Wed 04-Nov-09 07:10:57

I am having a elective section next Thursday and have packed both mine and baby's bag with all the usual stuff that i have seen mentioned in the books, net and mags but i read somewhere on here about people taking in formula, bottles etc for there baby.

When i had my DS he was born at 28 weeks which was all very rushed and scary...obviously i didn't experience packing our bags etc and everything was provided for my son by SCBU and expressed breast milk for him throughout his stay.

This time i will have my baby with me and i plan on BF. Apart from all the norm what should i be taking for her?

Also...when i go down to theatre what do i need to take for her?

Thanks in advance x

not sure what you mean sorry
if you plan to bf, you might need breast pads - i didnt need them until my milk actually came in, but not sure how long you'll be in?
other than that, nappies & change stuff, vests, clothes, blankets, towels
congratulations on pg, and good luck for the birth

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