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Would a third c-section be too risky?

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shaps Tue 03-Nov-09 23:13:05

I had to have a c section for both my DCs (2 and 4 years old). On the second one, the doctor commented in the theatre that the scar was so thin, he could see right through to my DD's face (nice...)

I would love to have a third DC now. But I have been looking up these so-called uterine windows and it seems that the risks of future womb rupture is much increased. I know I should count myself lucky to have two gorgeous kids and leave it there but I am finding this hard.

Does anyone have any experience of past uterine windows being apparent at a c section followed by future c sections?

Prinpo Wed 04-Nov-09 06:36:50

Hello, I had planned c- sections with my first two. At the time I asked about whether I'd be able to have a third and was told that it varies from woman to woman. The consultant said that some women's uterine wall became too thin after only one section, whilst one woman he knew had had 6 by c-section! When they did my second c-section they checked the state of my uterus and said we were ok to go for number 3. It sounds as though the information you're looking for may be in your hospital notes, in which case your GP may be able to access it for you. I completely understand about feeling lucky with two but finding it hard to leave it there.

Good luck.

shaps Wed 04-Nov-09 12:42:07

Thanks prinpo. Have set up an appt with consultant. Just a bit sad that three might not happen...

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