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Pregnancy hormones v your body...

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GuernseyFrench Tue 03-Nov-09 19:05:18

I'm 25w with 1st DC and since week 10 I am getting funny infections - the most recurrent one is a folliculitis (infection of the foliculis on my underarms) I have been under antibiotic for nearly 2 months on and off. I have just finished my last course and after a 5 days break the infection is starting again!! angry
I am sooooooo fed up!!!!

My GP says that the only explanation is that my body combined with the diabetes is reacted badly/against the pregnancy hormones! Great I still have 15w to go... can't wait

Sorry for the rant but just needed to get the pressure & frustration out!

Does anybody else has funny turn during their pregnancy

Lizzylou Wed 04-Nov-09 11:34:48

I had really bad migraines throughout pg, great when you can only take paracetomol! I was told it was due to hormone levels rising. Now I get them when I am pre-menstrual sporadically, but can take decent drugs.

Sounds a right pain for you, but in 15 weeks it will be worth it (and hopefully will have stopped!). Good luck smile

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