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Sorry for yet more SF vaccine stuff but...

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Flowerface Tue 03-Nov-09 17:15:48

... Has the webchat with Lord Salisbury changed your mind about having the vaccine?

I'd said I would only have Celvapan, but my GP is saying that it is embargoed and only for use on those with egg allergies. Am now thinking I'll have Pandemrix - am 36 weeks preg and would like some immunity to pass to the baby if poss.

Also, it is partly because I have got Swine Flu Fatigue and am tired of agonising about it...

Still, I'd be interested to hear whether Lord Salisbury has helped people make up their minds, one way or the other, or whether the whole thing was the reassuring whitewash we'd feared...

Sorry if this has already been discussed somewhere...

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