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Think Im having a missed MC. Pl can you share your experiences?

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sh77 Tue 03-Nov-09 16:45:36

Hi everyone

Last wednesday night, I noticed some brown discharge. Went to EPU thursday morning. Sonographer said baby only measuring 5-6 weeks (np heartbeat) but going by LMP, I am 9 weeks. I have to go back on 9th Nov for follow up.

I haven't a clue what is going on. I have had some mild period type cramps but nothing bad. The bleeding is stop start - since first bleed, I have have noticed blood 3 times in the mornings, but again, nothing major. It has become more red.

Had HCG blood test - 44,500 yesterday. Follow up one tomorrow will tell me what is going on I reckon.

Surely heavy bleed or cramps (natural MC) would have kicked in if baby died 3-4 weeks ago??

Would be grateful if anyone could share their experiences. Many thanks.

waspylady Tue 03-Nov-09 17:15:59

Hi sh77 I'm sorry you are going through this experience.

I had a scan when I should have been 7+5 but there was no fetal pole so pregnancy had stopped about 5 weeks. I'd had no bleeding or symptoms at all. The mc happened naturally in the end but not for another 2 weeks.

So altogether 4 weeks since the baby had died so it is possible. Sometimes it doesn't happen at all naturally and you have to have medical intervention. Please ask all these questions tomorrow, I'm sure they will be able to advise you.....

Hope you manage to get through this difficult time, take care of yourself

teatank Tue 03-Nov-09 17:28:29

hi sh77 did you not have an internal examination when you went emergency room they can you usually get an idea if you are in the middle of a mc. i had a mc 3mnths ago my HCG blood test was 5000 then dropped to 2000 the next day. i had heavy bleeding not on and off though just continuously. i hope everything works out ok for you.

sh77 Tue 03-Nov-09 17:36:13

Thank you both for your replies.

I did have an internal scan but the woman who did was a stubborn and miserable cow (just the sort of person you need in this situation) and for some reason just would not answer any of my questions. Every time I asked her a sensible question she just repeated "come back in 10 days as I can't tell anything." She said nothing about whether my cervix was opened or closed. I was too upset and didn't know what to ask but I will keep this in mind next Monday.

I have accepted that things are not looking good but I am finding the wait really tough as nothing major seems to be happening. I hope I get a clearer idea from HCG test tomorrow.


J33nco Tue 03-Nov-09 17:43:53

Its not unusual that they can't see heartbeat at 5-6wks however, the concern is that you think you are 9wks.

How long are your cycles? f you have longer than 28day cycles then whilst you would in theory date at 9wks you would actually be less than this and this could be an explanation. However, there is obv quite a big discrepancy. I have 45 day cycles whch means from LMP i date more than 2wks preg than i really am. If you can explain the dating I think you have less to be concerned about!

The bleeding itself is quite common and very often goes on to a normal pregnancy.

If your HCG is still rising tomorrow it is clearly a good sign. Also press for more scans...things change very quickly in early preg.

With my mmc I had absolutely no signs and the baby didnt pass naturally even after 4wks. This time with a healthy preg I had bleeding and cramps so until they say it's over, keep positive.

Fingers crossed this is a threatened mc and not a mc

sh77 Tue 03-Nov-09 17:53:33

Hi J33nco

Thank you for responding. I am very certain of my last period, cycles 28 days, and ovulation date as I used the clear blue fertility monitor. My consultant and the doc at the hospital tried to reassure me by saying that we don't know exactly when conception took place but I am certain of my dates.

I am afraid that I have little hope left as my baby daughter passed away in April shortly after her birth and a straightforward pregnancy. This preg is what I needed to move on but I think it has been thwarted. Sorry for moaning!

red37 Tue 03-Nov-09 18:02:38

Sorry to hear you are going through this

I had a missed mc last June,I had brown discharge but no cramp style pain, it took about 1 week before I found out there was no heartbeat and nothing had formed passed 8 weeks by my dates I was 11 weeks
the thing is I still felt pregnant
I hope this is just a threatened one and it all works well

good luck!!

ClaireDeLoon Tue 03-Nov-09 18:06:47

I'm in the same situation as you sh77. Miscarriage confirmed last Friday when I was 8+3 and no development since 6 weeks they think.

My previous mc was no development from 4-5 weeks and I started bleeding at 9 weeks. Then the full miscarriage started within about a week of the initial bleeding. This time around I've been spotting for 3 and a half weeks already. Like you the bleeding is stop/start.

I'm sorry you're going through all this, and I hope you get some answers tomorrow.

lostlenore Tue 03-Nov-09 19:04:42

I really hope things go well tomorrow. I wouldn't worry too much about dates. I was convinced (and still am, kinda) that I am three weeks ahead of my scan dates from my own dates. Only time will tell.

Good luck!

sh77 Tue 03-Nov-09 19:15:16

Thanks everyone. Will keep you posted. x

Neeko Tue 03-Nov-09 20:18:16

sh77 Really sorry to hear you're going through this. I had a MMC in March. Only tiny amount of brown blood and scan two days later showed the baby had died 3 weeks earlier. I had an ERPC the following day - cos that's how I could cope - so had no eal bleeding other than a couple of days after the ERPC.
Really sorry to hear about your daughter too. What a horrible year you have had. Never apologise for moaning - that's what MN is for.
Really hope all goes well at your next scan.

mrsrvc Tue 03-Nov-09 20:30:52

Sorry to hear that you are going through this. I have everything crossed for you. Please do bare in mind though that your cycles could be all over the place after the birth and loss of your daughter. Cycles can take a while to get back to normal after birth and the trauma of your loss can make things even more disrupted. ( I speak from experience, my son passed away a week after his birth due to a birth accident in may this year. )
I hope that it all goes ok for you.

woollyjo Tue 03-Nov-09 20:36:04

Hi Sh77, I posted on the gentle pregnancy thread too. It is so very hard to keep positive and I completely understand what you mean about having no hope left. I can't believe how awful the sonographer sounds as if you needed that even if things were going well.

Write a list of questions for tomorrow so you get the info you need.

Take care

twolittlekings Tue 03-Nov-09 20:48:26

Hi Sh77

I am feeling for you - I am so sorry to hear about your daughter and the current situation sad
I have had 3 miscarriages, the 1st was a missed MC at 13 weeks. It was a very heavy bleed and happened really qickly.

With one of the others I bled at 6 weeks but even though they scanned me they told me they would not know for sure until I came back a week later as it was too early to pick up a HB. For that whole week I bled so when I went back the miscarriage had resolved spontaneously.

I really hope you get good news tomorrow. I am thinking of you.

willitbe Tue 03-Nov-09 22:30:01

Hi sh77

I just wanted to post a link to this thread however it might give you false hope, but it is full of stories like your own, where the pregnancy has turned out to be ok. I hope it can give you some comfort until you find out how your pregnancy is progressing, and I really hope that your story turns out positive like these ones. You are in a vulnerable situation right now. I hope that next time you get a more sympathetic sonographer too.

sh77 Tue 03-Nov-09 23:02:02

Just want to say that I am really touched by the responses and all the kind support. I don't know any one of you but still the posts brought tears to my eyes.

I am really sorry for what you have all been through.

mrsvc my heart goes out to you. I was pretty lucky my cycles returned to normal 2 weeks after the post-natal bleed. I had 3 in total, which ranged from 26-29 days.

Neeko Wed 04-Nov-09 13:36:33

Hi Sh77 Nice to see you're hanging in there. Have you had any more blood today?

sh77 Wed 04-Nov-09 14:08:13

Hi Neeko
No blood or cramps overnight. Should have my HCG result by 6pm tonight.

I have a tiny sliver of hope that all could be fine but at the same time, I know it can take a while for the body to register a loss. If it is a MMC, I think there is some merit in it for me that it is taking a while to kick off as I have had time to absorb that it may not work out. I think sudden cramps and heavy bleeding would have been more difficult.

Will keep you updated.

Neeko Wed 04-Nov-09 18:02:13

Just noticed the time. Hope you have the news that'll make you smile.

BellasYummyMummy Wed 04-Nov-09 18:49:47

hi sh77, hope the blood test brought you good news.

i too have suffered from a mmc, we saw a strong healthy HB at around 7/8 weeks and told that everything would be fine now we saw the HB. 4 weeks later i got a bit of brown spotting, which stopped but a scan later confirmed the baby died very shortly after our scan. My body didnt register the mc at all, and i was booked in for a D+C a week later. So 5 weeks went by and even then my body didnt naturally abort.

I hope that you have had a happier ending, but if the news isnt good, take heart that you will get pregnant again. I have had 2 mc and now have a beautiful 17 month DD and baby no. 2 on the way.


sh77 Wed 04-Nov-09 19:10:02

Thank you for thinking of me. Thought I would update you. HCG fell from 44500 to 36500 so not good news. I am glad I didn't have a sudden bleed without any warning as I have had a week to come to terms with it and I actually feel calm and relieved now that I know where I stand. Baby died at most 2 weeks after BFP and so I find that easier to deal with than if he/she was 9-10 weeks, which is where I am now. I suppose even in bad times, there are blessings.

I haven't cried today - just some tears for my family especially my lovely parents who are feeling really bad for me. I just hope I don't have too much pain.

I can't even remember if I wrote this earlier but last Tues night, I felt like a loud noise jolted me awake from deep sleep. There was no noise in reality but when I opened my eyes, I just said myself that the baby has died. I had my first bleed the day after.

Do you think ERPC is better or natural? Do you think there is a risk of infection if I let it go on naturally for too long?

I had a cramp half an hour ago and some blood and so I guess the process is kicking in.

Thanks so much for your support x

BellasYummyMummy Wed 04-Nov-09 19:40:41

So so sorry to hear your awful news. it probably wont sink in for awhile, so take your time to grieve.

It sounds like your body is starting the process naturally. I had a D+C the first time round, which involves a general, and a natural mc the second time. i did find it a bit harder naturally as there was a lot of loss, but i think natural is better for your body, and less stressful then going into hospital.
Have you been offered another scan in a week or so to make sure you have passed all the tissue? The only concern with natural mc is that some tissue may be retained, so just watch out for signs of infection.

there isnt really anything i can say that will make you feel any better, but i know what you are going through and you'll get through it xx

willitbe Wed 04-Nov-09 20:03:24

sh77 - sorry to hear that the news was not good. I think that the decision to have a ERPC or not is hard, but you do not have to rush the decision. For me m/c naturally was easier for me emotionally, but for others having it sorted quickly is easier. You have to decide what is right for you. In answer to your infection question, there is actually more risk of infection I believe from the hospital procedure, they will normally give you a course of antibiotics as a matter of routine. You have to be careful no matter which way in watching for infection, fortunately it is not too common. As for pain, I hope you don't get too much, it can go anywhich way. For one of my miscarriages I had no pain at all, and it was wierd, I kinda wanted the emotionally cathartic feeling of pain, to match what was happening, but it never came. I hope that this time passes with as little pain and stress for you as possible. Will be thinking of you.

woollyjo Wed 04-Nov-09 20:04:17

So sorry to hear your sad news Sh77, sometimes it just feels like one kicking after another doesn't it.

Thinking off you xx

twolittlekings Wed 04-Nov-09 20:12:37

Sh77 I am really sorry for your news. I am sending you a big hug over the internet.

Re ERPC or natural - I have had both and it really does depend on you.

with my 1st MC (the missed one) I decided that I just wanted it to be over and so had the ERPC. I was terrified as I had never had an anaesthetic before but I knew I wanted to move on as quickly as possible. With the other 2 they were both natural bleeds. One was by default (I had to wait a week to be scanned again as they could do nothing as too early to detect heartbeat. Within that week the whole thing was over and done with.)

With the other one I was much later on (about 8 weeks) and I chose to let it happen naturally - but it was not that pleasant since I did actually pass the fetus (at work) and that was not nice. In both natural cases they were like really heavy periods.

I am thinking of you and hope that you feel a bit better soon.

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