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can someone reassure me about Avomine?

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somethinganything Tue 03-Nov-09 09:54:59

Hi there, just been away... on a boat. Got v seasick and the doc onboard recommended Avomine, which he says is used to treat morning sickness. wasn't able to do any research first so just took his word for it because I was feeling so bloody awful and didn't want to spend the whole week's holiday with my head down a toilet and getting dehydrated etc. But I'm now worried that I just swallowed the pills without reading up on them and presumably they are only prescribed in very extreme cases of morning sickness and therefore can't be considered that safe? Has anyone else taken it or know anything about it?

thank you

Weegle Tue 03-Nov-09 10:01:48

Yes I have been taking it for the past 21 weeks - daily - started on 1 tablet/24 hours and was quickly on 4/24 hrs within a few weeks for hyperemisis. I'm now down to 2/24 hours (I managed to stop for about a week before the vomitting got too bad again). It's looks like I'll be on them until the birth sad. I've done quite a lot of research and everything points to them being safe although no clinical trials are done on pregnant women (for obvious ethical reasons). So they seemed the safest to me - and as my doctor said - safer to the babies (I'm expecting twins) than being severely dehydrated all the time (I spent several weeks back and forth to hospital being rehydrated). I'm also being scanned fortnightly (high risk pregnancy for other reasons) and the babies seem fine as far as you can tell from scans...

somethinganything Tue 03-Nov-09 10:04:52

thanks weegie - and sorry to hear you've been so ill. Must be hellish. I'd forgotten how it felt to be violently sick until last week! Anyway, thanks for the feedback and good luck with the rest of the pregnancy

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