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How did yours differ?

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Yorky Mon 02-Nov-09 18:35:06

I've seen a few threads on 'was your second labour better than your first'? but I'm interested in how your pregnancies varied?

My first was so easy I wouldn't have known it was happening - no MS no sore boobs, with 2nd I went a bit off food but no real sickness/nausea still and now 11wks on 3rd I'm finding it hard going - keep biscuits y the bed for hungry=nausea in the middle of the night, and I'm finding it hard with DS when I want to snack all day and not eat meals!

Any one else see a logical progression like this?

Couldn't tell the difference between DS and DD though

TheMysticMasseuse Mon 02-Nov-09 18:43:36

my pregnancies were very different, mainly on the psychological level. dd1 i was moody, easily depressed, paranoid, and very whiney.

dd2 i was constantly pissed off and ready for battle. it did wonders for my career (really, never been so assertive or self confident).

other than that the biggest difference is that with dd1 i had monstruous spd while dd2 only a bit of lower back pain.

just1moreplease Mon 02-Nov-09 19:02:01

ds- crippling ms, put on loads of weight even though i was sick morning noon and night for 36 weeks, spd. oh and EXTREME tiredness...falling asleep in work tiredness! pre-labour for 3 days and took soooolooong to push him out!

dd text book pg. ms very mild and gone by 12wks. very neat bump (back in size10 jeans next day...{smug emoticon}). labour was about 2 hours from waters breaking to delivery.

couldnt get much different really! makes me wonder why i would love another little boy?!

mrspreg Mon 02-Nov-09 19:18:45

dd-ms violently till about 16 weeks, indegestion that made me sit up right all through pregnancy, wet myself whilst laughing coughing and even talking delivered at 36 weeks 4lb 1

ds1 sore boobs no ms, fed up at 41 weeks(they were going to leave him till 42 weeks) 6lb 13

ds2 smooth pregnancy till 28 week scan, had major previa diagnosed, spent 6 weeks in out of hospital, 2 major bleeds, deilverd by elective section at 37 weeks 7lb 14

after pains were horrendous with ds2 with severe anemia

alana39 Tue 03-Nov-09 10:04:32

Quite similar to yours, Yorky - 1st pg a bit of nausea, 2nd some mild sickness.

Then this one - bleeding, projectile vomiting in work toilets, weight loss for 1st 12 weeks, absolutely knackered (and my older ones are now both at school whereas I only had an 18 month gap between 1st 2), can't sleep, hip pain when lying down, massive massive right foot and ankle since 25 weeks (now 4 days overdue). Don't know if it's another boy or not.

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