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Free Prescriptions

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3k Thu 16-Jun-05 09:37:17

Can anyone tell me when you are entitled to free prescriptions during pregnancy. I am 7 weeks pregnant and the receptionist at my surgery told me that I cannot get free prescriptions until I am 26 weeks. I am asthmatic so would really like some advice on this as I have to get a repeat prescription shortly. I thought you got free prescriptions for the duration of pregnancy and for the first year.

charleepeters Thu 16-Jun-05 09:39:33

i got minr for my whole pg and a year after??? can you ask a midwie?

dramaqueen72 Thu 16-Jun-05 09:40:51

yes you are meant to get free prescriptions all pg. you need an exemption card, which my dr sent off for for me.ask you dr or midwife asap, or maybe chemist can help you get one?

emmamama Thu 16-Jun-05 09:41:06

Do you have an appt with your midwife? I received the forms to fill in when I saw her at about 10 weeks.
You need to get the form FW8 I think, ignore the receptionist, she's wrong. (I think!)

lilaclotus Thu 16-Jun-05 09:42:00

i think that's rubbish, you should be able to get them free already. i would suggest asking the midwife too.

tribpot Thu 16-Jun-05 09:45:05

Some info from the PPA

As far as I remember, I filled in the relevant forms at my checking in appointment with the midwife (which I guess you haven't had yet) but I think there's nothing to stop you asking for a FW8 in advance of that.

You can also claim a refund on prescriptions already paid for, just ask for a form from the pharmacist when you get the prescription, and then take it with the exemption card to the post office for a refund later.

However, I'm assuming your doctor has okayed the use of your asthma medicine during pregnancy?

3k Thu 16-Jun-05 09:48:33

Hi all, thanks for quick replies. My GP said that it is important to keep my asthma under control as if I dont it is more dangerous for the baby. The inhalers I take apparantly dont go into the blood stream as they are inhaled directly into the lungs.

I am on the phone to doctors at the moment, going to ask for a form so that I can collect it on my way home.

hotmama1 Thu 16-Jun-05 09:50:59

The clinical knowledge of doctor's receptionists strikes again - not. You are entitled to exemption from NHS charges - this includes perscription charges, dental check-ups and eye tests etc - while you are pregnant and the year after the birth. A FW8 form needs to be submitted the Prescription Exemption Authority - either your doctor or your midwife needs to sign it and put in your due date and you put in your details and you send it off.

My midwife sorted mine out at my booking appointment. I'd contact your midwife or go back to your surgery and ask for a FW8 and get the doc to fill in the details.

The receptionist may be a moose or she could be confused with a MATB1 form which your midwife gives you from 26 weeks - this is what you give to your employer so you can commence maternity leave HTH

jessicasmummy Thu 16-Jun-05 09:52:01

ive had my mat exemption card since i was 10 weeks pg.... she is WRONG

3k Thu 16-Jun-05 09:56:58

The doctors havent got any forms but I spoke to the pharmacist and she said that if I tick the box that I am pregnant they will just write on that they havent seen proof but they will still let me have the inhalers for free. Much more helpful than the receptionist!!!! I am seeing midwife a week Monday so will get the form then.

Thanks for all your help

RedZuleika Thu 16-Jun-05 09:58:27

Yes - the receptionist is talking out of her rear orifice. I got my exemption card through around week 8 during my second pregnancy - ironically it arrived the day I got back from the hospital following miscarriage. With the current pregnancy, I thought about holding off applying for a while, in case it didn't stick - but definitely had it by week 9, when I was put on anti-coagulants. It's the Mat B1 she's whittering about.

emmamama Thu 16-Jun-05 10:03:10

Maybe you want to put the receptionist right? After all, you wouldn't want her giving out duff information again, would you? [wicked grin]!

ChaCha Thu 16-Jun-05 10:16:00

Yup - these MNetters are all right! We should have an online surgery here - much more reliable IMHO! I filled in the form with my GP at about 10 weeks, sent it off and rcvd it very soon afterwards. I also have asthma and yes your doctor is right, inhalers are safe (steroids) so we should all be fine.

Someone mentioned here that eye tests are also free. Is that so? That's great news then. What about glasses, any discounts? (might as well ask)

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