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24 weeks- panicky and poorly- help!

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TotallyAndUtterlyPaninied Sun 01-Nov-09 11:21:35

I'm almost 24 weeks now and haven't had morning sickness since about 13 weeks or so.

Suddenly I'm feeling very sick. I feel as though I could actually just go and be sick, but I'm trying not to.

I'm hot and bothered and feel really panicky and stressed. If I think about work a wave of adrenaline and panic seems to sweep over me and I just don't feel right in myself. Time off work isn't an option- I don't get sick pay when I'm off.

I just wondered if anyone knows what's wrong with me? I'm going to the midwife on Wednesday afternoon anyway, but at the moment that seems a long time away.

I've also had a constant headache for 2 and a half months- I've been in hospital overnight with this at one point and they just said they didn't know what was wrong and sent me home. Don't know if this is relevent.

Just want some answers?

Horsiemummy Sun 01-Nov-09 14:32:48

hey hun,

no answres im afraid but you have my support and sympathy. im 23 weeks with my second. my m/s stopped at about 19 weeks but i too still get periods of feeling really sick.

and im totally with you on the waves of emotion, i get worried and depressed rather than panicky but i guess its all hormones.

according to my m/w my pregnancy is normal and baby is fine but i do feel terrible. but im convinced its just becausewe all react to the hormones differently and its worse at the stage we are at now as all the books say you should be glowing and full of energy ( load of c**p!). just keep your chin up hun, im sure all is well and it will be worth it in the end smile

maybebaby23 Sun 01-Nov-09 14:37:21

I have this too, i suffer with anxiety anyway and now with only 8 weeks to go im finding it really hard to leave the house because i feel so awful, panicky and hot, sick and actually ill This happened when pregnant with my first too in the last 8 weeks! You have my sympathy. I was terrible at work on Friday i felt like i was going to die, so panicky I agree it will be the hormones. Hope you feel better soon

hannahsaunt Sun 01-Nov-09 14:56:30

Everything is worse when you have a headache as well. I had a spell of dreadful migraines which would last for a week at a time when pg with ds3. Fab GP came to see me at home and having made sure I was otherwise well prescribed something with codeine which is safe in pregnancy and really made a difference in level of functionality (not least because reduced pain made for better sleep). Maybe you should get some good painkillers?

TotallyAndUtterlyPaninied Sun 01-Nov-09 19:41:17

Glad I'm not alone. Can't have codein as they stop pooping and I have piles I have paracetamol though.. which is a bit rubbish.

Back to work tomorrow and I'm stressed to the max tonight

I, too, had a crap pregnancy last time because my hormones were demented and I think it's happening again.

I'm panicking right now as DH has popped out for half an hour. I don't know why that would panic me but it is.

watercress Mon 02-Nov-09 11:10:12

Hey Totally, how are you feeling today?

I think it's absolutely normal to experience a wide range of emotions when pregnant. Like you, I am feeling like it's all a bit difficult to cope with.

Hope your first day back at work has gone OK today, and do report in and let us know how it went.

Take care x

TotallyAndUtterlyPaninied Mon 02-Nov-09 19:23:56

Aww thank you. First day back was really hard Harder than I expected- I feel run down already. Need to cheer up and get on with it I suppose!

How is everyone else feeling today?

Baby has been kicking a lot today so that's a weight off but now friend's DS has chicken pox and students at college have swine flu so I can't see myself getting to xmas without catching something drastic.

I'm not quite as panicked about tomorrow as I was about today so that's something.

mummytopebs Mon 02-Nov-09 21:16:49

Hi totally can i join your little group x I am 28 weeks and suffer from anxiety and panic, i take talets but these have been drastically reduced in pregnancy, i have been coping but the last few weeks am starting ot lose grip a bit. I had a horrible pregnancy with dd which ended up in e-csec. I have just been diagnosed with gestational diabetes this time and am stressing about this but more about getting swine flu x I hate hormones they blow everything out of proportion x All i can say really to all of us is think positive - suppose

TotallyAndUtterlyPaninied Mon 02-Nov-09 21:44:08

God mummy, you're having a naff time and yes you can join I thought it would be just me on this thread, thank God we can all lean on each other.

I have PND and had ADs for a year but my doctors have banned me from taking them in pregnancy- everyone on MN thinks this is absurd and I've been cold turkey for 20 weeks as I'm 24 weeks preg. I assume a decrease in amount of tabs would have the same effect.

Oh dear, did you have gestational diabetes last time?

mummytopebs Tue 03-Nov-09 09:42:02

Hi totally no did not have diabetes last time, had pre-eclampsia last time so am expecting that as well

My gp said it would be unwise to cut tablets completly, so am now only on 1 every other day - My cxonsultant said i can up them to 1 a day now the baby is developed but i am trying to keep the low dose as long as possible. The consultant is putting me straight back on 3 a day after birth as i had undiagnosed pnd which resulted in a nervous breakdown.

Well done you on going cold turkey, i couldnt have done that, if you are really struggling i would maybe ask your midwife if you could speak to a consultant cos mine has been nothing but supportive and says a tablet is safer for the baby than me getting over anxious and bp going up x

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