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binge drinking whilst pregnant!!

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mumma2be Sat 31-Oct-09 21:28:40

im so worried!! im 19 weeks pregnant and before i found out i was pregnant i drank nearly everday and done cocaine, as soon as i found out in stopped, untill the last couple of months i have had a binge night once around every 2 weeks! i know this is terrible and irrisponsable. i dont know why i did it!! the next day i feel so guilty. i have my 20 week scan comingup and am so scared iv caused something to go wrong. it wasso hard to just stop and its only lately iv . i wont know what to do iv something is wrong! sp far all scans sgow baby is growing the right size etc. i just need some help of what to do or any shared experiences. pls dont be nasty tho as i know im wrong thanks xx

Mama2b5 Sat 31-Oct-09 22:00:30

I pray that you have the strength and wisdom to do whats right for your unborn child!
Step 1- you have admitted you have a problem! parents are not perfect but YOU know what your doing is so wrong! i hope you seek help! not being horrible or judgemental just want to get the message through! I will be praying for you and that all is well in your scan xx

saggyhairyarse Sat 31-Oct-09 22:03:32

I really find it hard to read posts like this because my first baby did have an abnormality which was incompatible with life, my DS has a serious visual impairment and my DD has toxoplasmosis scarring on her retina and is blind in one eye. I followed 'the book' by the letter for all of my pregnancies and yet 3 out of 4 have resulted in an 'impairment' of some description.

That being said, pre-knowledge of pregnancy, there are plenty of people that have indulged and done the same thing so you can't beat yourself up about that.

ThePhantomPlotter Sat 31-Oct-09 22:07:59

Well you can beat yourself up about your drink and drug abuse before you knew you were pregnant.

What you choose to do from there on in is up to you, but I hope for your unborn child's sake, you can get the help you need. First port of call would be your midwife and she can refer to whoever it is you need referring to.

Are still doing the coke or are you just drinking?

ThePhantomPlotter Sat 31-Oct-09 22:08:29

sorry you CAN'T beat yourself up.

grumpypumpkin Sun 01-Nov-09 09:16:28

I used to work with drug using pregnant women, some who kept on using various substances all the way through their pregnancy, and have seen lots of healthy babies born.

The very best way to manage this situation is to be honest with either your midwife or to refer yourself to the local drugs service. They will take you seriously, make you a priority and give you the therapeutic and emotional support you need. Both alcohol and cocaine are bad for your baby and you need help to decide on the best way of managing your cravings over the rest of your pregnancy.

They hmay have treatments such as acupuncture to help you, also likely to get some 1x1 work and possibly group support.

It might feel scary but you are probably aware that you need to make some lifestyle changes both for now and whe the baby arrives.

Good Luck!! grin xx

stinkypinky Sun 01-Nov-09 17:27:37

As grumpypumpkin says, get in tough with alcohol/drug team - GP or MW can refer. You will be a priority due to pg. Get help now - they will help support you, and there will be additional monitoring of baba.

Good luck.

BlueCollie Tue 03-Nov-09 12:34:35

Hi, you don't say how old you are but I am guessing you are young with lots of friends who do drink and drugs on a regular basis. Have you gone to any bumps and babies classes where you can meet friends outside of your normal may find it eaiser to resist temptation if you have other pregnant friends to socialise with. Also tell your friends you are finding it hard and ask them to help you by not encouraging you. Do inform your midwife as she can put you in touch with groups that may help. I was lucky I couldn't stand the taste of alcohol from the 2nd week of pregnancy and haven't missed it and I used to be a big party animal. I think looking after some kids that had fetal alochol sydrome helped to put me off.
Don't be too hard on yourself just do what is best from now on. Walk away from temptation and if your friends give you shit and call you boring they aren't really freinds. Be strong.

mumma2be Tue 03-Nov-09 21:49:03

thanks for your messages, they r very helpful. im just praying my 20 weeks scan is all safe next week (my 25th birthday!)iv been keeping away from my friends who drink and do drugs and my boyfriend has been staying with me and keeping away from it all 2. i feel alot more positive and againt any form of alchole etc. i know its jus not worth it. im lookin 4ward 2 being a family and jus hope all is ok and my baby hasnt been affected from me giving into temptation in the past.........fingers crossed xxx

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