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No sleep till birthtime

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Redhelen Wed 15-Jun-05 20:25:11


I'm 28 weeks preganant and I can't sleep. Intially I thought it was the heart burn and sinus problems I've been having. But now I have managed to sort these out - I've realized the horrible truth - I can not get to sleep. I'm battling to get just 2/4 hours - somenights nothing at all. My mid wife has arranged for me to meet with a counsellor tomorrow - has anyone else had anything similar? - the words - pre-natal depression have been used a couple of times by my doctor. I just wanted to have a nice preganacy and look forward to the arrival of thelittle one - now I'm a zombie!

bubbles2904 Wed 15-Jun-05 20:29:28

lol, sounds very familiar. i'm 28+4 weeks and also really struggling.i start work at 7am and i find that i fall into a deep sleep at around 5am. i have no advice but the pre-natal depression sounds like a good explanation. i keep bursting into tears over the slightest things and don't like the person i've become whilst pregnant. sorry i can't help you, just wanted to say hi and that i know exactly how you feel xxx

Lonelymum Wed 15-Jun-05 20:32:12

I had problems sleeping in pg but usually for physical reasons: heartburn was number one, followed by pelvic pain and sometimes the baby kicking.

But boy do I recognise pre-natal depression! I thought I coined that phrase to describe myself! There really ought to be some research done on this phenomenon.

giraffeski Wed 15-Jun-05 20:36:44

Message withdrawn

Redhelen Wed 15-Jun-05 20:41:13

Thanks - yes I remember how demanding little people are (have a 5 year old) - but then I can share the burden with my husband and both mums and the moment I'm on my own to get through this! Thanks for all your comments - I'm worried I'm going mad!

Lonelymum Wed 15-Jun-05 20:43:46

I assumed it had to be normal Redhelen. After all, post natal depression is supposed to be hormonal and you have lots of pregnancy hormones running through you right now, so why shouldn't they make you feel depressed too?

mogwai Wed 15-Jun-05 20:44:15

I think I have pre-natal depression. Looking like Mrs Potato Head doesn't help. Neither does being confined to the house more than usual (39 wks pg) and battling with a desire for ice-cream.

Lets hope we get back to our former selves soon.

motherinferior Wed 15-Jun-05 20:45:37

Hey, there is actually a condition called antenatal depression (I'm supposed to be writing about it atm). IMO pregnancy is truly grim; I'm so sorry.

Redhelen Wed 15-Jun-05 21:20:34

What is IMO and atm.? Grims a good word I hope to able to beat this soon. However as I can take harly any drugs in preganacy - you do have to wonder if I must struggle on for another 10/12 weeks!?


Lonelymum Wed 15-Jun-05 21:22:11

IMO - in my opinion
atm - at the moment

There is an acronym list at the top of the page which might help!

Redhelen Wed 15-Jun-05 21:36:40

Thanks - I'm still learning!


mogwai Wed 15-Jun-05 22:17:36

I've heard of GPs giving sleeping tablets, but I don't know which one it was

moondog Wed 15-Jun-05 22:38:48

Amother vote for the pre-natal depression thing. Incredibly depressed in the first 12 weeks and the last 8.
(Sorry,sure you really don't want to know that.)

Most odd as I am a very jolly person regularly who doesn't get down....

Redhelen Wed 15-Jun-05 22:41:41


Did the depression 'lift' after the baby was born?



moondog Wed 15-Jun-05 22:49:49

Instantly (And I'm not just saying that.)

Redhelen Wed 15-Jun-05 22:55:38

That's great to hear.

I had a similar type of anxiety and depression just before I had my son 5 years ago.Luckly it only kicked in 4 weeks before he was born - but it did lift very quickly afterwards - so I hope this is the same!

Were you perscribed anything for the depression?

Cheers Helen

moondog Wed 15-Jun-05 22:58:46

I never did.What kept me going was knowing it wasn't for ever and with the insomnia,telling myself that my body would sleep if it needed it.
(Although my sister did a few reflexogy sessions on me,and God they were effective in relaxing me enough to sleep!)

Redhelen Wed 15-Jun-05 23:05:24

Thanks - it's really great to hear your positive story. My doctor is really keen that I receive sleeping pills or rather an antihistamine that has a drowsy effect. He is concerned if I don't do this I'll end up with postnatal depression- but obviously you didn't and I didn't last time!



aviatrix Thu 16-Jun-05 03:43:53

Message withdrawn

Podmog Thu 16-Jun-05 08:40:16

Message withdrawn

Podmog Thu 16-Jun-05 08:41:26

Message withdrawn

Redhelen Thu 16-Jun-05 08:52:49

Thanks I'll check out he coffea. Actually managed a little sleep last night about 4 hours - but very broken up as my son gets up as soon as it gets light! Hope your sons eczema will improve.

And aviatrix thanks for the advise - not long till baby arrives now!

Take care


Redhelen Thu 16-Jun-05 18:06:09

Hello again

Tried to buy coffea in Boots today - the pharmasist said I needed my doctors ok! Oh well -I bought some callomile tea instead!!

Best wishes to all


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