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Feeling sick +++ ? Ideas on what to eat and drink over here ; - )

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fakeblondie Fri 30-Oct-09 17:51:38

I`m just over 6 weeks and feeling very sick . Had hyperemesis with dc3 so am very worried its going to get worse .Its really hard finding something to drink because i`ve pretty much gone off EVERYTHING ? Quite enjoyed some coke today but dont buy it normally as think its terrible stuff ?
Looking forward to some mashed potato for tea ?

What tempts your incredibly changed taste buds because i do feel better with some food inside me .
Cheers x

favourforafriend Fri 30-Oct-09 18:00:38

I had hyperemesis in both pregnancies - ill all through the first and for 7 weeks on second.

The only thing I could drink was Nestea with red fruits or something. I wouldn't drink it normally but needed something sweet and flat.

If it's any consolation the doctor told me if you can only drink Coke then drink it and the same with whatever you can eat - crisps, whatever it's better than nothing.

Food wise once I could tolerate food on dd1 I lived on plain chicken, mashed potato and Ready Brek.

I don't think I actually ate for weeks on dd2 but once the sickness passed I could eat anything.

favourforafriend Fri 30-Oct-09 18:01:13

Congratulations. Is it dc4 for you?

Waytooslow Fri 30-Oct-09 18:15:02

When I was feeling really ill the only thing that would sort me out was vanilla ice cream. Other things I could stomach were bananas, digestive biscuits, Weetabix and strange of all supernoodles. One day I ate 5 bowls of Weetabix - through day and night - and nothing else at all. Now I am better I can't stand the thought of the Supernoodles and I have a cupboard full of the bloody things!

fakeblondie Fri 30-Oct-09 18:47:57

fff - i`ll try the nestea- i bought some ready brek yesterday and never bought the stuff in my life -how wierds that !
Yes its our 4th -dd1 17 dd2 14 ds1 6 - all planned but the sickness was so bad its taken me 6 yrs to brave up to the no. 4 we planned straight after ds !
Waytooslow-i`ve managed some weetabix so mad as it sounds i`m sure i could live off cereal-its quite good for you and easy to digest . I think i`ll but some digestives too - thanks x
I`m looking forward to some hot mashed potato tonight so i cant be as bad as last time as dh spoon fed me at 1 point !
When do you think the worst week is - its awful kind of knowing that bad is going to get very very bad !

pepperonipizza Fri 30-Oct-09 23:51:53

Things that I have been living on for the past month :

chocolate milk
jacket potatoes with cheese
plain pasta
salt and vinegar crisps
plain cream crackers
hard boiled eggs
avocado - but has to be very cold from the fridge and chopped up in very thin slices (!)

Very healthy blush ! But if I feel less sick, I don't care at the moment!

YanknHeadsOffCocks Sat 31-Oct-09 00:05:46

I know it's terrible, but vanilla milkshakes and fries from McDeath always went down well for me after a good puking session!

cheekymonkeyno3 Sat 31-Oct-09 09:35:31

fizzy water is good for sickness - slightly better than coke and you could add squash for flavor. i drink some before i get up i'm sure it is helping. good luck

mollybob Sat 31-Oct-09 09:45:07

lemon barley water with fizzy water
chilli chicken (my DH's recipe - in all 4 pregnancies - DS, DD, mc and this one this has been the only thing that stays down consistently)
my Mum's home made soup
ham and salad sandwiches

honeymoonmum Sat 31-Oct-09 13:58:25

Hi all

Just 6 weeks with pregnancy 2. Had terrible sickness with ds (18months now) and lost 2 stone in first trimester. Even though we planned this one (ds was a surprise) I am feeling so down about going through up to 10 weeks of this (usually start to feel better at 16 weeks). I am even taking anti sickness pills this time but still feel shocking. Any tips on keeping up your moral and looking after a toddler when you feel like dying?!!!!!

honeymoonmum Sat 31-Oct-09 14:06:55

ps I can only drink really cold drinks and sadly diet coke is the tipple of choice at the moment (I too hate the stuff normally and think it is sooo bad for you!!!!)

fakeblondie Sat 31-Oct-09 15:31:38

pepperoni pizza thats all the things i think i`ll be eating - except i havent tried the avocado yet .

Honeymoon mum i`m so sorry your feeling bad again . Only people who have had it know how debilitating it can be .
Sleep as much as you can and i find brushing my teeth helps get rid of that horrid taste too.
Also eating something actually helps so try some of the suggestions below x

emsyj Sat 31-Oct-09 16:42:27

Just posted on another sickness thread and will say the same on here in case it helps... I was really struggling with nausea and could only eat crap (crisps, cheese, pizza etc) but I saw on another baby site that some people had tried using travel sickness acupressure bands (you can buy them in Boots) and so I got some, not thinking it would do any good, but they are brilliant. I don't feel 'normal', but I can eat 3 meals and don't feel like death warmed up all the time any more.

honeymoonmum Sat 31-Oct-09 18:00:16

Thanks emsyj-did try them with ds pregnancy but will give them a go this time. Can't hurt.

Has anyone else taken medication for sickness and if so which ones worked?

I actually had about an 1.5 hours of feeling ok this afternoon s ate some heinz spaghetti rings and a glass of coke-healthy!!!!

Thanks for the tips everyone.

tinylion Sat 31-Oct-09 18:47:29

I was given meds, as felt so rough and desperate and fed up. So Avomine can help but it made me very very sleepy so now take Stemitil (sp?) which helps with the actual sick feeling once you eat. I completely sympathise as feeling like death and trying to look after a toddler is NOT FUN!! This sickness is making me quite depressed and I am so fed up of feeling under par....12 weeks now, roll on 39 weeks!!!!

fakeblondie Sun 01-Nov-09 11:53:05

Hows everyone doing today ?
I managed baked potatoe with some cheese last night and some ice cream later .

Just had some cereal . Off to find those anti sickness bands today .

honeymoonmum Sun 01-Nov-09 19:33:48

hey all I had a day of comparatively mild nausea but really bad mood-felt so low and could not stop crying. It was horrible. Does anyone else get bad downer when first pregnant-is it to do with feeling so ill and knowing this is going to go on for ages? Also does anyone else get some relatively alright days ever? Paranoid it means pregnancy in trouble if i dont feel sick!!!! I know I should just be grateful but bit worried about it.

I actually managed a small meal today (after sickness meds) but feeling really rough again tonight and just craving diet coke which I hate drinking as know its so bad for me. I am just really thirsty and cant manage the thought of anything else.

Got that odd hungry but sick thing.

Early bed for me.

Glad you managed to eat something fakeblondie!

jlo1234 Sun 01-Nov-09 19:45:51

i had hyperemesis and was in hospital 6 times coz i couldnt keep anythin down. gets annoyin whn people start sayin have u tried ginger biscuits. truth is if ur not going to keep anythin down then u just wont end of really. i used to be able to manage a packet or crisps and sometimes some mash or pasta. at the hospital they told me to just eat carbs and avoid eating anything too fatty, rich or spicy. try cereal or toast or something. i had avomine and cyclezine and im still takin the avomine now at 31 weeks, still feel really ill sometimes and occasionally throw up. u will get all sorts of advice on what to eat but if ever u feel like anythin at all just try and eat it. eat small ammounts as often as u can to avoid a large ammount irritating your stomach. another thing that helps is if u sip water or juice constantly all day and if u do manage to eat anything keep still for as log as u can, i found that if i moved or sat up it made me sick. if u cant keep anything down see ur gp, hope u are ok xx

smee Sun 01-Nov-09 19:54:01

Almonds worked for me. Almonds and dried apricots. Not sure why - bit of a result as at least they're healthy. Hope it's not as bad as before OP x

fakeblondie Mon 02-Nov-09 13:15:29

All going well here really.
I do feel sick but so not like the hyperemesis last time - i can actually function at the moment .
I had tinned tomato soup and bread and butter for lunch - sounds horrid but it goes down ok with me .
Apart from that i`m mostly eating porridge and mashed potatoe.

I`m nearly 7 weeks- will it get worse or am i about at it now ?
When were your worst weeks ?

nickytwotimes Mon 02-Nov-09 13:24:27

I've got hyperemisis atm and am really struggling.

I have seriously wanted to end the pregnancy at times and tbh if I didn't have such good support and help with ds (3 yrs) I think I might have. Feel bad about thinking this way, but when you can't even get your head of the pillow for weeks on end let alone care for your existing kid, then it is the utter pits.

blondie, I think 7 weeks is the peak time for sickness, so hopefully you will be okay this time.

Huge sympathies to all with severe sickness. It is awful. My MIL had it over 30 years ago and says she still shudders!

MummyAnnabella Mon 02-Nov-09 13:32:03

am in week 7 and struggling too. had awful sickness with last 2 pgs but seems even worse this time. am surviving on toast, crisps and lucozade. going to have mashed potatoes later as that was about all i could keep down last times.

i too am feeling down about it as i normally get up to week 16 and i cannot cope with another 9 weeks of this. i am def having no more children due to the sickness aspect. would go through labour twice to avoid the sickness.

moonsquirter Mon 02-Nov-09 14:26:02

Hell, I'm another one in week 7 and struggling with sickness. I'm obviously not suffering as badly as some of you but I really relate to feeling so down when you know it'll go on for weeks more (had it til wk 17 first time round).

I was at my worst last time at about wk 12 (just when everyone was telling me it should be getting better) and I remember wondering if I could actually continue with the pregnancy too. It does seem awful but I think only those who have felt so sick for so long can really understand how it brings you to utter desperation.

Am currently a devotee of white bread, mashed potato and dry crackers. Really dry sandwiches - ham or cheese help a bit too. But the very thought of ginger biscuits makes me retch!

jlo1234 Mon 02-Nov-09 15:20:55

my hyperemesis got really bad at about 6 weeks right through until i was 17 weeks and then it slowly started to ease off, i think i just have normal morning sickness now ( i feel sick all the time but it doesnt really affect day to day activities) and im 31 weeks, hopefully all u girlys who are poorly will get better in no time, it has certainly put me off havin anymore children! deepest sympathy to u all xx

jlo1234 Mon 02-Nov-09 15:22:41

ive also found some ice lollies advertised on the internet, dont know if they work but might be worth a try, i know i would have certainly tried it when i was suffering xx

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