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urethral pain 37+wks

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PavlovtheWitchesCat Fri 30-Oct-09 15:11:26

I had what we (Dr and I) thought was a UTI, back felt like it had been kicked, slight fever, white blood cells in urine.

Results came back - no UTI, but some unknown bug. Dr said it appeared, due to a word in the name of it, to be a cross-contamination of some kind, but was a bug he had never heard of. He said nothing to worry about, should not be causing any problems and not to take the antiobiotics prescribed unless symptoms continue/get worse. He did another urine test by getting me to wee on a stick and said it was fine (guess he is experienced, it was not compared to anything, I just passed it to him after going to the toilet and he said 'yes, thats fine, nothing there' grin).

I mentioned to him, at the same time, or rather about 10 mins later, as he felt my tummy (he was being 'midwife' as she was on leave) and asked about any pains, about a sharp stabbing pain I am getting in my what appears to be urethra, or certainly that area, just inside. Not the baby kicking/moving as too external, no common pattern, other than it is becoming more frequent, and that it bloody hurts when it happens. It makes me gasp it hurts so much sometimes. Dr said 'oh probably baby catching anerve when moving around' but does not appear to occur when baby moves specifically.

Any ideas?

PavlovtheWitchesCat Fri 30-Oct-09 15:26:48

things that go BUMP in the night


indigobarbie Sat 31-Oct-09 21:07:51

HI, I suffered from urethral pain before I got pregnant on and off amongst lots of other bladder related issues. I can relate to what you are describing.
I just wanted to ask you if you are doing any pelvic floor exercises? If you are, please try to relax them as much as you can in between squeezes, and try to relax altogether. Sometimes my pain would feel as if my urethra was being ripped, a sharp stabbing/ripping sensation and then a kindof bruised feeling for a while afterwards. You could try a warm wheatsack/flannel in the area to see if this helps it subside, it can be very painful and it comes on without warning, I can't even be sure when I used to exp this, i.e if there was a certain position I would find myself in that made it happen. I don't have much else for you to go on, only that I couldn't get any answers from my doctors and have to live with weird bladder things.
If you can trace it to after drinking or consuming something like, i,e fruit juice then this might help you identify the cause, but again it might just be baby bouncing around. xxx best of luck xxx

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