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Pregnant with Swine Flu - what was your experience?

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JuliaGulia Fri 30-Oct-09 13:48:20


As many of us 'mums to be' are still deciding on whether to have the swine flu vaccine, I thought it would be useful to hear from any pregnant women who have had swine flu and now recovered.

We have all been told about the symptoms to look out for but hearing about your own experience may help others to decide.

I know most cases have not been officially confirmed by a swab test but flu symptoms are pretty nasty whatever strain they're from so all comments welcome.


JuliaGulia 22+5 with twins.

fufu Fri 30-Oct-09 18:50:22

Hi, I'm 30 weeks and was diagnosed with swine flu this morning. I finished work for maternity leave 5 days ago and went down to Brighton by train to visit friends.Came back yesterday(thur) and started to get a lumpy throat on the train. Went to bed early with paracetamol but woke really early having trouble swallowing,hot eyes, cold in the nose, and my husband said i was hot. Took more paracetamol and phoned docs. They made a diagnosis over the phone and left a Relenza voucher at the surgery which my stepdad picked up. Apart from waves of nausea and tiredness the symptoms aren't getting any worse. Still got a swimming head, snotty nose and achey body.The most surprising thing about this is the speed of the onset of symptoms rather than their severity. I say that touching wood.

fufu Fri 30-Oct-09 18:57:32

To add to my above msg, my doc surgery only just got the vaccine in a couple of days ago. If i had been more careful and organised I would have had the jab before going visiting all over. I have been told by a GP today that the swine flu vaccine is basically the same as the other flu vaccines we've had for years and like them, it doesn't cross the placenta.

katylou25 Fri 30-Oct-09 19:16:20

i had flu a couple fo weeks ago which would have been diagnosed as Swine Flu if I'd got medical advice... I'm 11 weeks. Mine started with sore throat cough - then went hot, cold , dizzy, etc. Ended up staying in bed for 2 days and literally crawling to the bathroom - was soooooo weak!! I was also quite sick and terrible headaches with it. I'm now 10 days post those 2 days in bed and still suffering with cough, getting out of breath easily etc. My friend who had it at 20ish weeks said ti took her about a month to get over it fully so I've stil got another of couple of weeks to go................

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