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Only one scan through my pregnancy

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firstbabyandnervous Wed 15-Jun-05 14:15:27

Hi!Im 18 weeks pregnant and had a scan @ 14 weeks.I thought i would be having another one at some stage but was told this morning I wont be.Has anyone else had only one scan?

starshaker Wed 15-Jun-05 14:17:17

i had 4 scans although 2 were emergency scans but i did get a 12 week and a 20 week scan. my mum thought this was odd as with all 5 of hers she just had the 12 week and so did my sil

mears Wed 15-Jun-05 14:18:56

Should be offered anomaly scan at 20 weeks. Not all areas are doing that though.

Miaou Wed 15-Jun-05 14:20:45

In theory I should only have had one scan, where I live they only do the 12-14 week one, unless there is a problem. Have now had three (I am 33 weeks pg) for various reasons.

I think it's quite common to only have the one, and not necessary to have a later one unless, as I say, there is a potential problem.

fastasleep Wed 15-Jun-05 14:21:34

If you're nervous about any problems arising (as most of us pregnant people are!) then I would kick up a bit of a fuss with your midwife about this and see if you can't annoy them to the point of getting your own way!

I would totally freak out if I was refused a 20 week scan, as both mine have shown kidney problems! (Not to be a worry as it's very rare!)

elsmommy Wed 15-Jun-05 14:23:08

I had one at 20 weeks and that was it

firstbabyandnervous Wed 15-Jun-05 14:23:08

Thanks for the replies.I just wasnt too sure

moozoboozo Wed 15-Jun-05 14:24:28

I only had one. I think it depends on what area you live in etc, as I know some HAs offer a 12 week and 20 week one. I only got one at 20 weeks, but would have been offered another one if there was a prob.

expatinscotland Wed 15-Jun-05 14:24:48

We're only offered one scan at 12 weeks in the Lothians. If we want another, we have to pay privately £140 for it.

AngelCakeUmm Wed 15-Jun-05 14:28:56

On my scan letter which i recieved today it says we have one between 12-13 weeks and another between 22-23 weeks but i know everywhere is different suppose we are just lucky to have the 2.

firstbabyandnervous Wed 15-Jun-05 14:29:30

Im going to see the midwife on the 12th july so maybe ill annoy her a bit then.The first scan was only a date scan but id like to be sure everythings alright.

SenoraPostrophe Wed 15-Jun-05 14:32:49

Here (granada) you get about 6 scans, but I stopped going after the second. I think if there's no other reason to think there's a problem scans just create unnecessary stress (I was quite wired immediately before every appointment) and I would be happy with one if I got pregnant again.

On the other hand if you are really worried you could get a scan done privately.

fastasleep Wed 15-Jun-05 14:34:26

I would have thought that one would be ok, but a 20 week one rather than a 14 week one because I was under the impression that 12-14 weeks was too early to detect a lot of things... *shrugs* I always get loads of scans and they are a total stress, but I can't avoid them lol!

MandM Wed 15-Jun-05 14:39:33

I live slap bang between two maternity hospitals. If I choose one, it's just a 20 week scan and if I choose the other it's a dating scan at 12-14 weeks and a 20 week anomaly scan. IMO everyone should be offered the same level of service.

sarahsausage Wed 15-Jun-05 18:37:46

I am in the exact same position as mandm, 1 hospital only offers 19 week scan and other offers 12 and 20 week scans.

I too think everyone should receive same treatment

kama Wed 15-Jun-05 18:38:58

Message withdrawn

Gem1355 Thu 16-Jun-05 10:39:16

I only had 1 at 21 weeks!

firstbabyandnervous Thu 16-Jun-05 11:47:41

Like I said below I only had a date scan @ 14 weeks.Is that too early to detect anything

beansmum Thu 16-Jun-05 11:55:09

it depends where you live, I only got one at 11 weeks which was a bit annoying.

useless bit of information, if you're a drug addict you get one every week.

crunchie Thu 16-Jun-05 11:56:48

As you can see everywhere is different. Some offer one at 13 (ish) weeks, some offer one at 20 weeks. And some offer 2 at 13/20 weeks. Mad isn't it, it depends where you live and how high risk the pg is. 1st pg's are usually deemed low risk unless there is an underlying maternal health issue, also although the scans can highlight problems there is usually little that can be done prior to birth (not in all cases). In my experience I had one scan at 13 weeks, one at 20 weeks and then at 27 weeks I developed severve PE (pre-eclampsia) so had scans daily for a few days until I had a prem baby. This meant in pg No2 I was deemed high-risk so I had two scans at 13 weeks (one at a specialist hospital) one at 20 weeks, and then at 24 weeks, 28 weeks, 32 weeks and finally 36 weeks. This was combined with Doppler scans where they checked blood flow through the placenta. I could have recognised DD2 befoe she was bron by that point

I wouldn't worry, although you could try to push for a scan if you really want. You may have to pay privately for it if your health authority won't pay.

weesaidie Thu 16-Jun-05 12:06:21

I got a scan about 13 wks ad should have been my only one.

I had a couple more at about 34 and 36 weeks as I was too 'small' and they wanted to check placenta was working and baby ok. She was, they were just being extra careful.

I did hear they were going to be bringing in 20 wks scans in Scotland (where I am) but I don't know if it is true.

To be honest I wasn't bothered about getting another, unless you could have problems (ie history/drug addict !!) then it isn't usually necessary.

If they are worried they will scan you again, as they did with me and it was just to be careful, everything was fine!

firstbabyandnervous Thu 16-Jun-05 12:06:54

Thanks girls I think i'll leave it.I'll be seeing the midwife soon so im sure if there is any problems i'll be sent for a scan.

18mumtobe Fri 17-Jun-05 11:50:59

i only had one scan through my pregnancy at 20 weeks. they must have found that everything is fine and therefore don't need to do another one. i know its quite worrying as i found it, because you just want to see it again so you know its ok, but i had my ds 11 days ago now and he's prefect.

firstbabyandnervous Fri 17-Jun-05 12:37:27

Ah bless congratulations 18mumtobe

colditz Fri 17-Jun-05 13:10:52

I had 3, but 2 of those were emergancy scans

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