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39 weeks, someone help before i break..please...

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choccywhoccydodah Thu 29-Oct-09 16:07:49

PLEASE help me:

- woke up to ear infection this morn - doc given amoxycillan but in soo much pain - any tips on soothing it??

- baby still soo very active - so much so it's painfull - feels like he/she's doing serious press ups - never known anyone to experience this before - just constantly pushing aginst my belly with his/her bum and pushing down soo hard into my pelvis at same time!!

- Serious heart burn - milk is helping a little

- Waitin for hospital to call with date for ELCS due to low placenta - should have been booked weeks ago but 1 consultant said it wasn't necessary so got second opinion who was shocked i wasn't booked in and that VB even suggested!! So i should be in by now!!!

- constant swelling/pain in arms and hands (bp and urine all fine)

- serious back pains and lack of sleep!!

Sorry to go on but if you have any suggestions in helping me get through my last few days/week without being in this much pain and constantly wanting to cry, would be much appreciated!!!!

PS - does anyone know my my baby would be soo active?? dumb question i know but i just feel like he/she's really uncomfortable too and feel so sorry for him/her in there!!! Just want my baby in my arms now!!!

choccywhoccydodah Thu 29-Oct-09 16:09:40

if not to the above then please just hold my hand

You can get codeine prescribed for pain in pregnancy. In the mean time take paracetamol.

Hopefully the a/b will start kicking in soon and you will start feeling better.

MyNameIsInigoMontoya Thu 29-Oct-09 16:15:05

Oh you poor thing, ear infections are horrible esp. on top of being very (very) pregnant! What you need is heat - get a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel and use it like a pillow - or anything else warm you can easily put against your ear. That helps me loads - and the amoxy should kick in quickly too so at least that part should be feeling better soon.

Also if you have low placenta I would think they will get you booked in asap for CS if you are already at 39 weeks - it sounds like they will want to avoid you going into labour naturally first. So with luck that will happen soon and then you will have your lovely baby AND start to get rid of some of your other aches and pains smile Chin up, and hope all goes swimmingly and you are cuddling little DC soon!

ellaeleven Thu 29-Oct-09 21:49:55

Sorry you're going through this. I'm 39 weeks too and sooooo fed up. Also have extremely active baby, more so these last few weeks than earlier in the pregnancy and I had always thought movements would slow down now because of baby being so cramped. I was monitored in hospital last week because of swelling and everything was fine. The consultant said the crazy movements were normal. Also have back pains, little quality sleep, the amoxiciilin I was given for a uti has given me thrush blush and I'm feeling pretty sorry for myself. I'm sorry if I have no advice just wanted you to know you're not alone, it will be over for you very soon and you'll have your baby by this time next week. smile
Good luck X

choccywhoccydodah Fri 30-Oct-09 14:42:52

thanks guys, i've just come on here now to ty to take my mind off it - had the most unbearable night - didn't sleep and just cried all night!!

pain has eased a little in ear but still thobing and verging on unbearable - am taking a/b and paracetamol just praying they will kick in soon!!

good news is i'm having DC on tuesday and nearly cried when they called to tell me!!! soo happy and i guess i have to be thankful i'm in this pain now and next week when i have a newborn to look after!!

ella it's nce to know the active baby is normal - seriously started to worry!!! so thanks for adding that - i swear DC was so mad last night was trying to break my waters for me!!!! certainly a strong baby!!!

thanks again guys in helping me feel not so alone and good luck with the rest of your pg's. xxx

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