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35 weeks pregnant, swollen fingers, hands,ankles,legs......

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Tiaxx31 Thu 29-Oct-09 15:16:46

Dies anyone know if you can say to the midwife doctors about having delivery for 2nd child at 37-38 weeks due to all this bad stuff happening, as my feet,ankles,hands,fingers are not getting better, they are getting worse and i have so much pressure in my private area that i can hardly walk, just want to cry with the pain of the pushing so hard down there, i notice my bump is dropping. My fingers are so swollen they are more then double the normal size and they say its not preaclampcia as they check blood pressure which is boarder line i'm told but bloods are fine and urine sample fine too they say. But when i use a knife to cut things i'm nearly slicing my fingers off and i have carpel tunnel syndrome too which is really hurting too.... Anyone else experiencing these symptoms. Going for app today as they are going to turn baby! i thought i had till 37-38 wks tho???? for baby to turn?

corblimeymadam Thu 29-Oct-09 15:24:24

Message withdrawn

choccywhoccydodah Thu 29-Oct-09 15:57:33

I am soo with you too...very nearly 39 weeks and been 'swollen' since about 30 weeks or before. usually very small person but i'm like a balloon. Don't know what to do with myself and hands/arms so painfull with swelling i can't feel them through the night - they go between completely numb and constant pins and needles...also have carpel tunnel in both and can't use my hands/arms to support myself at all.

I've woken up this morning with an ear infection angry and i just want to cry all day!! Waiting (impatiently) for hospital to call with c-section date due to low placenta and my baby is THE most active baby still - currently doing press-ups/rolly polly's/flying kicks/stretching off my hips or pelvis...and i cannot settle to sleep because of all of these things...ooh yeah, major heart burn too!!!

Sorry to babble but do you have any extra ideas to help soothe any of the above (hav just got amoxycillan from docs for ear and taken a parecetamol too - neither are setting in yet

ps...sorry to jump in and moan on your post!!!

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