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Ok so we've all been here ill with the flu or a cold that seems super bad but have been told I cant take anything other than Paracetamol, and drink honey and Lemon!

So looked on here and found Vimto to be good am drinking warm vimto along with honey and lemon and after 4 days now still feeling rough and congested!

Midwife told me yesterday im to hanker down and rest as I almost fainted trying to work through it but i cant use Vicks!????

Only a year ago my sister was inhaling something to unblock her nose on an hourly basis....

So Ive thought sod it and put Olbas oil vapour rub in a bowl of steaming water next to me rather than rub it in, and drinking plenty fluids is this ok???

Any other suggestions to help me feel better anyone?

bigpreggybelly Thu 29-Oct-09 16:13:46

You can use a saline nasal spray which you should be able to get in most chemists (might have to ask them for it though).

alyonor Thu 29-Oct-09 16:24:02

I got a cold/flu no long too - I am now 19 weeks pregnant and I got better by doing steam inhalations with salty water to clear my blocked nose, drinking lots and lots of lemon tea (lemon peel in warm water) with honey and at the end, to help with the dry cough, I bought a humidifier and that did wonders too for my breathing. It lasted about 3 weeks and I still occasionaly snotty but feeling much better now.
I read everything about colds and flu in pregnancy and I think that Olbas oil was not recommended as well as eucalyptus oil because they are descongestant oils and should not be used in pregnancy. Salt is as good to help clear the mucus and is antiseptic too, you can inhale to clear the nose and gargle with warm salty water to clear the throat.
And rest, I stayed in bed for 2 days, sleeping and reading and that helped too... Good luck!

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