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Maternity support band

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humanfraggle Thu 29-Oct-09 10:32:55

I've been given a maternity support band by my physiotherapist as I'm getting bad pains in my coccyx when I'm sitting down.

Has anyone else had any experience of these bands? I wore it for about an hour this morning but it's so uncomfortable - it feels fine around my back but seems to put pressure on my belly and bladder - not good when I already constantly need to pee!

The physio told me to wear the band when I'm shopping / doing housework, etc, but to take it off when I'm sitting down - which to me defies the point of having it, when the only time I am getting pain is when I'm sitting down.

I feel a bit fobbed off by the physio to be honest... hmm

Alina77 Thu 29-Oct-09 16:15:34

You've been fopped off as it won't help for your particular problem! I have had that sort of pain for 10 weeks now... Getting physio but nothing really helps. The support band helps for other pelvic pain but not coccyx pain. Huge cushions help best and changing your position regularly (leaning forward rather than backward on your chair helps but for doing computer work, leaning forward is not really practical). If you can get your hands on a "kneeling chair" - try it - everything else I have tried didn't help except trying to stand up, walk a bit etc. regularly. Make your cushion your new best friend and carry it in a canvas bag so it is a hand everywhere you go, trust me, that is the best cure besides avoiding to sit altogether. Start using the belt once you started noticing any other pelvic pain starting (could start once the baby's head is engaging). Good Luck!

humanfraggle Fri 30-Oct-09 13:25:04

Alina77 thanks so much for the advice, I'm at the doctors this afternoon for my 25 week chek-up so might mention to her how I feel...

Thanks again x

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