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itchyyyyy again help help help

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vanesie Thu 29-Oct-09 10:27:52

hi havent been on this in so long... but am 7 weeks preg at wknd... last preg i suffered from obstetric cholostasis and it went so out of hand cos it was not detected...
my bile count did not go back to normal for months after delivery..i suffered both emotionally and physically..

now here i am 7 weeks preg and woke with that violent itch last night. it was more up and down my legs than hands and feet.. and all them bad memories have come back..
could it be this oc again or is it too early...
my skinis not dry its like more of a sting inside,, i feel like i am allergic to preg hormones..
any one have any advice on oc second time preg or is it too early to tell.


Eliza70 Thu 29-Oct-09 15:46:26

Hi, I can't advise on OC but i have also had terrible pregnancy itch - it was some sort of fungal thing this time and on my previous pg it was an allergy called PUPP. It was really awful, and no one really understood what it was like to be driven MAD with the itching. I ended up bleeding and with loads of tiny scabs from scratching. So all I say is you have my sympathy!!

vanesie Thu 29-Oct-09 20:27:34

thanx for ur reply.. its such a pain isnt it.. never heard of pupp but sounds bad too..

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